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  • Required Maintenance

  • loving-liege

    at 1:21 am

    Basic | Dominant

    Required Maintenance

    The last box placed in the van, the fish tank in the front seat, our son buckled up for his long drive. After finishing his bachelors degree he has secured a job in Boston and at long last he’s moving out. Seeing him mature and change while living at home has been wonderful. He’s truly become a man of whom we could not be more proud. Standing together our arms about each other it’s impossible not to cry as his van turns the corner, our little boy venturing out into the wild world. my darling girl wraps her arms around me and quietly cries her tears of happiness, worry and sadness.

    Returning inside I make us both fresh cups of coffee as we sit at the kitchen counter. I’m not a cold person quite obviously, however this day holds a particular excitement for me. my darling girl and I have agreed that I can transform our sons room into my “Lounge”. We will use the excuse of storing our guns in my room for having it locked with a keyed lock and deadbolt so as to prevent curious fingers from exploration. Our only child at home now is our youngest son who is 15 and is week on week off with his father. It will also presumably serve as an emergency guest bedroom.

    Once my darling girl agreed on the idea of repurposing this room I started a private journal of ideas, pictures, colors, furniture, etc.. She does not know any of the bigger details in my plans, just the basic concept. I have carefully laid out the timing of deliveries and work to coincide with the stages of preparation, the first of which is this afternoon. Fortunately I am in charge of the budget and this clearly falls into “Required Maintenance”.

    The room is unusual in that it has no windows so technically is not a bedroom as it has no egress. It was created from a rather large portion of the finished basement by the previous owners and is the size of a master bedroom. It has a large double closet where I will in fact store our guns … and assorted toys.

    The knock at the door is the first of many to come. Jorge is our electrician. Leaving my darling girl we go down to the room. I explain my needs for more electrical outlets, canned lights on a dimmer and directional ceiling lights near the corners. He knows I am creating my own little sanctuary so nothing seems to surprise him and I leave him to his work.

    The timing is perfect as the contractor doing the sound insulation shows up to determine what he will need to do in the coming days. I explain that I like to listen to loud music and it drives the family nuts. We discuss options and agree on a few solutions that he assures me will address my needs adequately.

    Finally my dear friend Rafael arrives. Rafael creates exceptional furniture and his wife Cecile does exquisite upholstery. We sit in the den and go through my journal. I have many pieces I need him to create: a custom leather chair, matching ottoman, king sized bed frame, head and foot boards, a bench for the end of the bed, 2 matching end tables, a set of cabinets for the closet with locking doors, the interior side of the door and 2 book cases for the room which are old legal bookcases with glass sliding doors that were my grandmothers and need to be repaired and refinished. I go over the leather and fabric swatches with him and the color themes I am going for.

    I also share with him some of the finer details. my darling girl and I agreed I will have to let Rafael know more of our personal life and at this point it is essential to my designs. The head and foot boards as well as the bed frame will have hidden heavy duty D-Rings connected to them, 12 in all. The bench is to be built so that it can be suspended from the ceiling, it’s legs detached and 6 hidden D-Rings. It will need to be strong enough to support a small car, I’m not taking any chances with my darling girl. I have plenty of pictures of chair/ottoman combinations but I have exact desires for the leather, angles and seat/ottoman size and height. Even with the good friend discount the custom furniture is mightily expensive.

    As the electrician leaves for the day my delivery arrives. Rafael and I take it around back through the basement sliding glass doors. This is the first piece to be installed. It is the door and comes with an electronic combination deadbolt and lock on the outside. The outer side looks like an ordinary paneled bedroom door, just with a lock. In reality the door once mounted will swing in on security hinges, is solid wood and totally flat on the inside. I leave Rafael to the work of mounting the door. Not his usual line of work but he was a contractor for years and doesn’t mind helping out.

    After 3 weeks, all of the electrical, sound insulating, lighting, carpeting and painting are done. I even had speakers professionally installed with sound isolating materials. Today Rafael is bringing the first pieces he’s finished, the interior of the door and the bed frame, head and foot boards. I have kept my darling girl out of my room. She peeked around the corner once and paid the price. This is my room and I want everything to be a surprise.

    We carry in the bed sections first. The wood is a beautiful Spalted Maple stained with a dark stain. The variation in the wood is amazing with the stain going from almost black to streaks of blonde. The leather work adorning the head and foot boards is stunning as well, the upholstery fasteners a dark shiny antique brass and the leather a wonderful almost black red. The feel of the leather is smooth and silky. I could not be happier. The inside of the door is next with matching Spalted Maple and leather tying it wonderfully to the bed.

    3 days later my bookcases are ready. Except for the shape I would not recognize them. Somehow Rafael has mirrored the colors in the head board into the bookcases. He has replaced all of the glass and refinished all the hardware. They look like they were made yesterday. Truly he has brought them back to life in a way I could not have hoped for in my wildest dreams.

    Two weeks later I am thrilled when I hear everything else is ready. Cecile has been working overtime to upholster my furniture and Rafael has my cabinets ready. The closet was been gutted and a standup safe installed that is shallow enough to allow the closet doors to close. Above the safe and on the other side the cabinets are installed. Each cabinet has a lock with a matching key and each door has a remote switch turning on the interior lights. The cabinets are heavy and once mounted they exceed my expectations.

    Rafael actually has me close my eyes as they bring in my chair and ottoman, end tables and bench. He won’t allow me back in the room until they are positioned just so. He and Cecile step out and close the door. “Are you ready for your lounge Sir?”, he asks. Opening the door I am transported to what must be Nirvana. The room has the luxurious feel of an old lounge coupled with a smoking room. I’m simply floored at what my friends were able to accomplish. Turning to them my eyes are wet with tears as I embrace them, “Thank you so much. You are both extraordinary!”

    Friday. I don’t tell you but I’m not going to work today, nor do you know the room is ready. After you leave for work I return home and start the final preparations. I put deep red satin sheets on the bed along with the heavy comforter that has intricate red, black and gold patterns along with gold tassels at the corners. I start transporting our toys down from their hiding spots in our room, bathroom and walk in closet. I’m actually surprised it takes me so many trips! It’s amazing the toys you gather, plus I’ve bought quite a few more. I also start opening boxes and putting my books into their shelves. The best books go into the secured cabinets of course, the room must appear correct to the passerby. These are the books on sexual positions, Shibari knot tying, BDSM relationship guides, etc..

    At last I’m ready. You will be home within an hour. It’s time to send you the message:

    “Meet me down stairs after you’ve showered. You will wear your matching open cup bra, thong, garter belt, stockings, high heels and your silk robe. Knock twice and I will grant you access. ~ Your Liege”

    In my lounge I rest comfortably reading my new book on Shibari techniques, recommended by a friend on husDom. The music is playing low but fills the space nicely. I’m wearing my torn jeans (thank you Christian Grey for stealing my style), a white summer dress shirt, my bracelet and nothing else, preferring to play barefoot. When I hear the knock at the door I jump. You can’t hear anything outside of this room! Then I hear the second knock. Composing myself into my Dom mindset I open the door and I am pleased to see you kneeling with your head bowed. Standing before you, you say nothing, this is my room as you understand very well and my rules apply.

    “You may come in. You are free to look around.” “Thank you My Liege”. The formality is much appreciated. I am fine with just Sir but My Liege is what I have asked you to call me and it pleases me that you have adopted the formality here. Standing in your high heels and entering the room I’m once again captivated by your beauty. You float when you walk, even in high heels, gliding past me as I hold the door open for you. I see you carefully examine every aspect of the room, from the bed to the bench, my chair and ottoman to the book cases. Looking up I see you spot the four covers in the ceiling that appear to cover electrical junction boxes. I believe you know exactly what is behind the covers and how they will be used for my pleasure.

    Your thorough examination of the cabinets complete I watch you turn silently to face me, your face turned down. I can tell you are obeying the unspoken rule that in this room you are to only make eye contact or speak when told to do so. “I hope my room meets with your desires my darling girl. Please share with me your thoughts.”

    Raising your face I am greeted by your beaming smile. That smile affects me so, I would do anything to you just to see this smile. “My Liege your room is wonderful! Thank you for inviting me in so that I may pleasure you here in your sanctuary. May I kiss you My Liege?”

    Stepping into you I bend my head down so that you must rise up on your toes even in high heels to kiss me. After I’m done being kissed I step back and your head drops obediently once again. My hands gently untie your robe to reveal your beautiful body exactly as I requested. Your breasts so full and luscious, hips accentuated nicely by the garter belt, calves long and sumptuous in their high heels. Removing your robe I go to the closet and hang the robe up. For now I’ll leave the toys in their places in the open cabinets. I know you saw some of my new toys amongst the originals. The ropes and collars, the leather wrist and ankle cuffs, my floggers and crops, your favorite paddle with one side suede and the other stiff leather. There are many other toys of leather as well as electronic. Remote controlled eggs, vibrators and nipple clamps. Plenty of time to explore the old and new toys later.

    Sitting in my chair I command you to kneel beside me. I love the soft feel of your hair and to run my fingers down your back and occasionally pass my fingers over your nipples. It is only with supreme restraint that I withstand my desire to wildly ravish you this instant. But you’ve been a very good girl and deserve a reward.

    “Kneel across the ottoman.”

    Doing as commanded I lean forward, thrilled by the sight. You are radiantly lovely and your obedient submission fuels my love and longing. My hand caresses your back sliding your hair off your shoulder so it drapes to the floor. Your skin reminds me of warm golden silk and I catch the faint smell of perfume. You have worn it to my liking, not enough to be obvious but intoxicating at close range. My hand has found your rear and caresses the curves involuntarily.

    “You have been a very good girl. Would you like a spanking my darling girl?”

    “As it please My Liege so it pleases me. I would love a spanking My Liege.”

    My hand begins rubbing your behind with vigor, bringing your blood to the surface and pulling your thong down to below your ass. I then begin by slapping your ass quite gently, moving my aim from cheek to cheek and spreading the light assault from high on your ass to just above your thighs. Stopping I return to rubbing your now pink skin, my fingers dallying between your legs. Breathing more rapidly, your back rises and falls gently with each breath, my left hand caressing the smooth skin of your lower back.

    Now I increase the spanking a level, again spreading out my attention but increasing the force. When you are sufficiently red all over I return to caressing your bottom, soothing your red skin as you are now breathing much harder and moaning between each stroke. My fingers touch you and feel the wetness building inside, caressing your clit and fingering inside your. At first I slide just one finger inside, listening to you moan. Your pleasure fuels mine.

    Returning to your ass I increase the intensity one more time. This is the level that comes close to your limits. Your body jumps with every stroke but still you lift your ass up to meet my hand. Your moaning between each slap, your enjoyment quite obvious. Once again I stop and rub your skin soothingly. Your ass is now very red and your pussy very wet. I slide my fingers along your slit enjoying the feel of your freshly shaved pussy.

    “Would you like more my darling girl?” You know this is a serious question. I am very respectful of your limits. “If I may ask, would My Liege be interested in using his new crop tonight?” I’m very pleased that you have noticed that addition and I appreciate your asking for more. “Kneel my love while I prepare” to which I am pleased to see you kneel obediently.

    In the cabinet I have some pre tied lengths of rope with carabiners on one end and leather wrist cuffs on the other. Reaching up I flip open two of the junction box covers in the ceiling and connect the carabiners to the hidden eye bolts. Reaching for you I raise you up and walk you to the center of the room. I raise one hand above your head and secure it and then the other. You look fairly comfortable with too much slack in the ropes. “Remove your shoes”. This has the desired affect of forcing your arms up and out. Fetching my new crop and a blind fold I return behind you. First the blind fold and then I start removing your under garments until you are completely naked.

    I drag the crop across your shoulders and between your breasts, following your curves. I run my hand over your wonderful ass feeling it’s heat from it’s earlier treatment. Stepping back I take a moment to appreciate my beautiful lady. Gently I tap your left breast under the nipple with the crop and then the right. Gradually I spread this attention around both breasts approaching each nipple. Once there I stop and retrieve a pair of nipple clamps. Adjusting them just so I attach the clamps so that they squeeze just a bit harder than comfortable. I’m rewarded with a sigh as each is attached. Now my crop snaps gently at each nipple, their sensitivity heightened by the clamps. Your breathing is fast and each tap brings a lovely squirm of your body.

    I drag the crop across your body, occasional landing it with some force, warming up hips, thighs and your feet. I bring the crop up your leg and leave it on your sex. Sliding it oh so slightly you move your hips accentuating my motions. In return I lightly tap your pussy lips in a gentle rhythm, I am rewarded with the sounds of your breath coming faster. Bringing more force your breath is catching, moans escaping through your lips. My rhythm increases and now I see you swaying in the restraints, pulling on the ropes and standing up on your toes, your pussy pushed forward embracing my touch.

    I can see you are quivering and straining, your orgasm mounting…not yet my love. I stop dead and quietly slip back to the cabinets returning the crop to its home. My new toy has earned its place. Picking up a length of silken rope I return and release you from the restraints, catching you gently as you regain the use of your legs. We walk to the bed, your eyes still blind folded. “Hold your arms out my love.” I decide on using a basic technique to bind your lovely breasts, a double run of rope beneath and above and then over the shoulders tying the two together. The effect is very gratifying as it raises and pushes your breasts out, your nipples rising for the occasion. “Now bring your arms behind you…that’s a good girl. “Bringing the rope around back again I tie your arms together in a knot that won’t inadvertently tighten but will hold until I release you.

    “Crawl onto the bed my darling and lie down across the bed.” Watching you slither onto the bed, your ass tantalizingly calling to me I am freshly taken with my love for you. You are truly a wonder to me. Removing my shirt and pants quietly I approach your head with nothing on. My cock is throbbing seeing you laid before me. First I lean in, my cock brushing your cheek as I slap your ass, letting my fingers linger, sliding into her wet pussy. I am greeted by the motion of your face rubbing your cheek on my cock as I slap your other cheek, my fingers again sliding into you. Most enjoyably, you’ve discovered you can lick my balls in this position and avail yourself of the opportunity, moaning as my fingers find their way inside. When I’m through with my treatment, your ass is again quite red, your hips reaching in the air wanting more.

    My hands slide along your sides and over your bindings until they are in your hair, that warm brilliantly chestnut brown hair. I allow you to continue sucking and licking my balls as I begin to braid your hair into a quick ponytail. It’s loose on the end but I only need it for a while. With one hand I pull back on my new leash raising your face and with the other I grip your throat and jaw opening your mouth. Blindfolded you knows what’s coming but not when or how hard…or how deep. The longer I wait the more I can see you want me, your tongue slightly out, welcoming my desire. Pulling on you as much as pushing toward you I bring my cock slowly and steadily into your succulent mouth. Allowing you time to sufficiently wet me, I slide in and out, pulling back hard on your ponytail and pulling forward on your throat and jaw. Deeper now I drive my cock, all the way in, forcing you to take gasping breathes between each stroke, your mouth dripping each time I pull out. I can feel my cock in your throat with my hand, your hot breath on me coming short and ragged. Before it becomes too much I let you go, your head falling to the bed.

    “Raise your hips up for me so I can see my pleasure.” I command. Obediently you squirm and get your knees beneath you and to the side, your face down on the bed, pussy and ass high and exposed. Returning to the cabinet I retrieve our lube, a wired vibrating egg and a vibrating cock ring. With your ass so I high it’s just begging for attention so I drizzle lube all over it and into your crack, the liquid running slowly between your spread lips. Adding some to the egg I tease your asshole, drawing circles around and around and finally sliding it in, it’s girth unknown until it suddenly slides in of its own volition. Placing the cock ring on with vibrator down I kneel behind you, my cock throbbing as it slides up and down your slit. Grabbing your hips suddenly I drive my cock hard and deep into your wet slippery pussy…pausing inside so I can hear your sigh.

    My appetite is driving me now, I grab your frazzled ponytail and pull your head up, my other hand pulling hard on your hips, my hips hammering forward into your depth repeatedly. I can hear your moans escalating as I fuck you hard, your breath coming fast as you begin to come. Pausing so slightly I turn on the cock ring vibrator and slap your ass twice. Now I drive hard again into you pushing the vibrator against your clit and turning the forgotten egg vibrator in your ass on high. Suddenly your entire body shudders and I feel your pussy squeeze me like never before, your cries coming loud. I spank you again as I draw out and drive in again, and again. Your orgasming non stop now as I increase my intensity, ravaging your pussy with my hard cock. At last my orgasm comes, shattering me as it takes ahold of my senses, my sense of time lost as the climax runs from my cock through my body. I’m still pounding your pussy hard when it stops, my breathing so fast I’m hyperventilating. We collapse together slowing our breathing and pulse. My hands shake as I caress your hips and toy with your hair.

    I get up and clean myself first, putting just my jeans back on, then I stand you up and gently untie you leaving your blindfold for last. It is common for us to break roles after sex, discussing the fun or the toys, but you have your head bowed already and I can see you are still unsteady, “Kneel my darling girl.”

    After clearing the room, I sit in my chair and offer you a glass of water which you manage to drink without looking up. “I enjoyed that very much my darling girl. Did you like my new crop?”

    “Yes My Liege, I could tell you enjoyed it.”

    You are being more submissive than usual which I find very appealing. Raising you up I drape your robe about you and give you a silk bag with your under clothes, escorting you to the door. When we exit and the door clicks shut, you suddenly turn to me and throw your arms about me, “Oh my god that was wonderful! Your room is my favorite place in the world! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Your words and the deep passionate kiss make every dime exceptionally well spent.

    Loving Liege

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