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  • Reading material focused on finding your voice as a Dom

  • Guardian

    at 4:30 pm

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    Can anyone suggest some reading materials focused on finding your voice as a Dom? Blog posts, books, forums; I’m looking for anything. I know I have Dom tendencies, most are just buried or repressed in some manner. On another forum/discussion somewhere on this site, a Sir talked about the importance of doing ‘self-work’ and used an analogy of breaking small dams on tributaries so that they all converge and become one, raging river (or something to that effect.) It really hit home because there are times when I can feel my Dominant energy just below the surface, but I often struggle to just set it free. Sometimes I can attribute this to a lack of confidence. However, growing up I was never taught how to really speak up and have a voice of my own and I believe my programming is most often the main culprit. My coping mechanism growing up became silence and disassociation. I’ve only recently begun to break these old dams of my past and truly speak from the heart.

    I won’t bother going into deeper detail here. I’ll get around to posting a more thorough backstory on the Introductions page soon.

    I appreciate any suggestions from you Gentlemen.

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