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    Hello! I have been on the site before, but have been gone for a while, trying to find my way as a dominant. I have been to conferences, meetings, talks, other websites, etc., but all of these things never felt very personal. Plus, everything always felt distant. I never felt like anyone really honored the fact that we were married or monogamous. I went to a conference, and they had a areas where different dynamic types could meet and talk. So, we went to the monogamy group. People would literally come up to us and say that they didn’t want to be around us because they might catch the sickness that we have. It was sad. I love Amy. She is everything to me. We have been married for 13 years in October and D/s now for 4.5 years. We have our ups and downs. I think we might be on an up right now, being that she is being intentional in her submission. I am kind of not used to it. She really enjoys keeping in the mindset. So, that is why I am back. I want to be around other dominants that feel the same way in our marriages. We want to keep that passion alive and the flow of communication open.



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     Sir Tomcat 


    Thank you for sharing. What a sad situation to have found yourselves in at a conference. Welcome back to this group, who are anything if not supportive of the D/s-M dynamic! I look forward to getting to know you, sir. I have found this group to be incredibly helpful, challenging when I needed it (which is often), and overall completely supportive.

    ~ TomCat

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     Sir Hermosa 

    Welcome back sir.

    We might not be gentle with each other all the time, but one thing we Always are, is supportive of each other’s dynamics and partners. No matter how different they are.

    Welcome back.

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    Thank you, sirs. I will try not to be a stranger.

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