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    Prince Valiant

    I don’t know how I get myself talked into dates like this one. He’s really nobody special but for some reason his confidence and demands that I go out with him sway me. Honestly I don’t get it! He’s cute, kinda tall and has that scruffy look I like, but he’s a barista! I mean seriously we are in our 40’s and that’s what you have to show for it? He was charming and sweet, complimenting my shoes (who hasn’t seen American President?) but no flowers or … I don’t know. But I certainly don’t feel special.

    His name is Jack and I guess he has lived in Park City his entire life. Every where we go he’s calling out names, shaking hands, yucking it up with friends, yada, yada yada. I feel honestly like a prized fish he’s showing off. Half the time he has to look around to find me as he’s wandered off to this or that table. Finally he gets me a drink, an Appletini…shoot me! The guy is clueless.

    By the time he finally gets around to taking me to the restaurant I’m wondering if I can claim my period has started, I’m nauseous or that I have diarrhea just so I can end this fiasco of a date. As we enter it’s already too late, he’s calling out names and waving to people that either appear to not know him or wish they didn’t. I like this place already! As he’s yucking it up at a table of friends I start looking for the restroom so I can start my exit strategy. I’m looking all over but I will be damned if I can find it! Maybe it’s over in the bar…oh my. There’s a guy at the bar staring at me…he’s hot! Tightly cut brown hair with a touch of grey, white billowy shirt, jeans and dress shoes…oh my. I can’t tell the color of his eyes but they are blue or green or hazel. He’s raising his glass tumbler to me! Setting it down he’s walking over staring right at me, honestly I think he’s coming to save me!

    Speaking to me in a deep natural voice he says, “I’m so glad you finally made it! I was afraid you wouldn’t find the place.” And then he raises my hand to his lips and kisses it! Oh wow! Where did HE come from? Jack apparently hears My Prince speaking because he’s turned quizzically around. Then My Prince says the most extraordinary thing, “Thank you for helping my lady friend find her way Jack, I’ll take it from here.” Suddenly he’s taking my hand and leading me back to his place at the bar. I’m just floating next to him wondering where all my saliva has gone! I’m so taken by his confidence.

    Offering me his seat (oh thank god, I think my legs may give out), he introduces himself…his eyes are green…a lovely shade of green…kind of a bluish green that reminds me of … Oh no! I missed his name! I can’t bear my blunder so I just start talking with him. He asks me what I’m drinking and orders us two returning what I think was scotch. I’m bummed because I love scotch! He’s asking me all about where I’ve been and countries I want to visit, funny things in my past, etc.. He’s a great listener and I think can read lips by the way he’s staring at my mouth. The thought makes me stare at his too. They move in a lovely way, his teeth nice and white but not bleached. He’s clean shaven and smells so good!

    I don’t know where these words or this desire comes from as I find myself saying, “I’m sorry but I have to do this”. I reach my hand up behind his head and draw myself up and into his lips. Oh the lightening that strikes me is amazing. Returning my kiss, the man, My Prince, has put one hand on my hip and the other into my hair behind my head! The goosebumps are running up my arms and legs. He tastes of whiskey and smells yummy. Again my mind is way ahead of me, “You are going to want to see me again.” Where did that come from?!?! He’s even taken aback.

    A loud voice interrupts our moment of stunned silence, “Aha who do ve hav ear?” It’s the chef who seems to know My Prince who promptly introduces us. Oh please tell me his name, I want to say! How can I pick up the chefs name is Christopher but not know my Princes name? At once Christopher, whom I am already in love with, he’s such a big teddy bear, takes me by the arm to escort us to the private dining booth. Any thought of the barista is long gone, I’m silly excited now, enjoying the moment of being catered to by the chef! I also notice several ladies watching me with a look of jealousy. Honestly I want to stick my tongue out at them and giggle.

    The private booth is actually a private room with a booth I discover. It has a wonderful ambiance and music playing softly. My Prince pulls the table out so I can sit down like a lady and then instead of sitting across from me sits right next to me! His leg is touching mine so I take his hand wrapping our fingers together. Christopher asks if we need menus and out of the blue My Prince begins ordering for us both. Filet Mignon is my favorite! He seems to know my likes and dislikes without having to ask, plus his assuredness is intoxicating. “Thank you for ordering for us. It’s really nice to be with a man who knows who.. I mean what he wants.”, oh the blush rushes to my face!

    My Prince mixes us fresh drinks and offers a toast to making new friends. His eyes are so green, I really wish Christopher would say his name! We raise our glasses to drink and I’m enraptured by it. I love whiskey and ginger ale. In this room with this man I want to savor every moment. When I open my eyes he’s watching me, his glass forgotten mid way back to the table. I watch as his eyes linger on my hair, my ears, my lips, my neck and just briefly on my body…oh don’t stop my body sings, I’m feeling very attractive with him as he literally has his entire attention on me and me alone.

    He asks about my pendant and if it has a special meaning. We talk and talk, our dishes come and go, we talk some more. I ask about his pendant. He says it means Valiance…like as in Prince Valiant. The connection to my own thoughts of him as My Prince amaze me. My heart sinks when the desert arrives and Christopher leaves us. These are possibly our final moments together and suddenly I need him. I mean really NEED him. He poise, strength, confidence and control. It’s a feeling I’ve never had before. I want this Prince to take care of me, see to my needs, be my strength when I’m falling apart!! And it’s almost over!

    Fortunately I get it together before he looks at me raising a bite of desert to my lips. He’s feeding me! I want to kiss him again! I don’t want food! Instead I focus on the spoon and enjoy this wonderful morsel and this amazing moment. I’ve closed my eyes again and when I open them I see something new in My Prince, fire. He sets the spoon down and draws me close to him kissing me again. His hand wraps behind my head sending chills up my spine, my scalp tingling and my toes curling. I find myself holding onto his arm and my hand on his thigh. Lord I want this man! Please….

    “I’m going to take you here. Now.” He says. It’s not a question but I’m already breathing, “Yes Sir”. I don’t know what else to call him! He’s so sure of himself and I want him to be right. I want suddenly to be perfect for him, to please his desires. The thoughts flood through my mid like a river run wild. Having cleared the table he pulls me to the edge of the booth, locking my eyes on his the entire time. When he is standing directly before me sitting in the booth I break contact and raise my hands to his pants. Brushing his fly I feel his erection bulging. My Prince is obviously excited and I certainly don’t want to displease him. When I get his belt undone and his pants down enough I am rewarded with his splendid cock. Oh it is a fine cock too! Honestly it’s the best I’ve ever seen or felt. He’s big. Not huge but really good sized. I decide to draw this out, I want to enjoy this as long as possible. First I lick the underside of his shaft, my fingers just caressing him. Then I open my mouth and suck on his balls. He’s shaved so there’s no hair to deal with. I’ve never had a shaved man before but I love this feeling. I spend a good amount of time licking and sucking him. His hands find my zipper and undo my dress. I wiggle my arms and shoulders out letting it fall to my waist. His breathing is getting deeper and I see his eyes are closed. Rising up I open my mouth and slowly slide him in. His cock fills my entire mouth so nicely, my tongue moving on his shaft and head. Back and forth I move my head, his cock throbbing and pulsating in my mouth, getting wetter and wetter. Now for my treat, I push my mouth open farther and slide him in deeper. Each time a bit deeper until I have all of his cock in my mouth and throat and he’s grunting. I feel his hands move to the back of my head and I let go, knowing he will have his pleasure with me. Taking my head he forcefully fucks my mouth, forcing me to deep throat him over and over, the tempo increasing as his moans increase steadily. I’m sure he’s about to come when he pulls out and stands me up.

    My dress falls to the floor leaving me naked except for my high heels but I don’t care. His lips are on mine taking my breath away, his cock rubbing my belly. He turns me around, frees my dress from my feet and bends me over the booth bench, his hands sliding on my body like magic. Finally he touches my breasts but only for a second, his hands moving to feel the rest of my curves. One hand returns and I’m acutely aware of it fondling my breast and touching my nipple. Then he pinches it…ohhhh it’s like a tingle up my spine. Then he pinches and pulls on my now sensitive nipple. Oh my! Holding both my breasts, he rubs my nipples with his palms. His fingers pinch my nipples and pull them hard…oh this man knows my body already, I feel like I have no secrets.

    I feel his hands and breath on my ass and on my pussy. His tongue touches me and I want to melt as he slides up and down my wetness. His hand draws up and finds my clit, his tongue entering me. Mmmmm that feels so good. Again and again he licks my slit then enters me again. When his tongue finds my ass the sensation makes me buck. It feels so forbidden but this man wants me and is tickling me in places no one else ever has. Between his thumb working magic on my clit and his tongue penetrating my ass I’m going crazy. All I can say is, “Please.”

    I hear him stand and undress but my eyes are closed. Reaching back between my legs I find his cock and pull it into me. Oh god that’s good, his cock fills me perfectly! This man likes to move slowly and all I want is to feel him pounding into me! He draws out and then slides in all the way. Over and over and I’m already breaking over. He’s not going hard enough my body decides so I start moving faster, his tempo slowing and allowing me to enjoy the pleasure of fucking him. Suddenly I feel a biting sting on my ass that shocks and sparks my orgasm. As I begin to come he spanks me again and again. “Please”, I utter not knowing if I mean more or to stop. His hands spank me harder. The pleasure and pain send me careening over the edge, orgasming so much I can’t tell when they actually stop.

    When he pulls out of me I’m surprised that his fingers reenter me, sliding my wetness all over my pussy and my ass. Over and over, it feels so good. He slides a wet finger into my ass several times, the pleasure of this taboo exciting me, my body responding to his invitation. “Tell me what you want.” He whispers. And in return I hear my self saying very quietly, “Fuck my ass please Sir.” It’s true too. I’ve never had this and suddenly I want to feel him there, to have him own every part of me, to pleasure himself with all of my body.

    I feel his head circling my ass and then slowly pushing in. He’s so tender, not at all what I expected. The feeling is not what I expected either. I thought it would hurt but perhaps because I’m so relaxed or because I want him inside me it feels wonderful. Slowly he slides out and back in, over and over, the feeling so wonderful. I start rubbing my clit as I start to fuck him back. His hands pull me up and grab my breasts, pulling on the nipples. My other hand reaches behind his head pulling him hard into me. Oh my this man knows how to treat a woman. His fingers pull on my nipples harder than before, his cock penetrating my ass over and over. I’m really loving this now with his chest against me and my fingers working my clit, his fingers pinching and pulling on my nipples, I start to pull hard on him, encouraging his pleasure.

    His breathing suddenly changes and I can hear the guttural sounds of his inner beast. He pushes me back over and grabs my hips with both hands, his cock pounding into me hard. I’m orgasming again now as I hear him cry out. It’s like no other orgasm I’ve felt. His tempo is rushed now and I can hear his grunts each time his hips slap into my ass. His cock leaves me and sprays his come all over my back, I can feel the wonderful sensation of his hot come on me and it’s like a gift. And then he collapses on top of me, his come sealing us together our gasps matching each other. I have never felt so good, so taken before in my life.

    Rising we start to clean up but he keeps stopping to kiss me deeply again and again. Oh I hope he really wants to see me again! I suddenly feel foolish. He didn’t even have to take me home!

    When we are both ready he presents me with a fresh drink and proposes a toast, “To my amazing darling girl whom I plan to marry.” What did he just say? Oh my…ummm…, “Please” is all I can mutter lighting up his face.

    As we leave he can’t take his eyes off of me and I him. I’m totally captivated and finally I have found the man to own me, body and soul.

    If only I could remember his name.

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