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  • loving-liege

    at 12:26 am

    Basic | Dominant


    Streets filled with people walking in the street lights, couples holding hands, teens joking with friends, the musician playing for street money. My Sir holds my hand wrapped fully within his as we look in the windows. Usually he’s on the street side of me but he switches to be between me and other people as he feels the need. Sir encourages my interest in shopping, sometimes simply buying things I like some time I think taking notes for future reference.

    We stroll and hold hands sometimes dipping into this or that store. This trip is for me he has said. There is no other agenda besides that he wants to pamper me. I’m not good at this at all. My children have always come first and when times were tight I still saw that they got good presents or got to go to new shows. When Sir and I met most of my clothes were getting aged, my nice shoes years old and I hadn’t bought anything nice for myself in years.

    Sir has made it a goal that I pamper myself. He wants me to get massages, buy new clothes, buy myself perfume, paint my nails and so on. Yesterday he got very upset because instead of spending my pamper allowance I admitted I had squirreled it away. I had to tell him. It felt so wrong after I had done it. But it wasn’t that I didn’t pamper myself that upset him, it was that I didn’t tell him. He told me how important it was that I put myself first, that he wanted me to be a priority for myself as well as him and finally how disappointed he was that I deceived him. I thought he was going to spank me but when I looked in his eyes he had tears in them when he was talking. It hurt so much seeing his pain and love for me and disappointment, I wish he would have spanked me instead.

    Tonight he told me to dress up but wear shoes good for walking. We’ve been shopping for a couple of hours and he’s bought a bunch of new things including some fancy jeans, two Summer dresses, several scarves along with both new comfortable shoes and some very tall black high heeled boots…I know we will be enjoying those! It’s so funny to walk in the vanilla stores. We point and laugh about all the BDSM things we see now. Especially in the high end stores! I swear there must be more rich people in BDSM than anyone realizes!

    At last we return full circle to the garage. Sir places the packages in the trunk before opening my door for me. Once I’m seated and buckled in, he squats next me with the door open, looking in my eyes, “my darling girl you are the most precious person in the world to me. I want you to know that you are important and special. You deserve the things you have in life and more.” His hand rises to my cheek as he bends forward, his lips reaching mine. Parting my breath seems to be stopped, my eyes closed and my nose full of his scent. Opening my eyes Sir has in his hand a long black box. My trembling fingers take it and inside is a silver necklace with a diamond circle pendent. “my love please allow me to place your new collar upon you.”

    In the mirror it is absolutely stunning, the diamonds picking up even the faintest light. “You are not to remove this collar. It is beautiful as are you and will grace whatever you wear.”

    “I can’t wear it with everything. I would feel uncomfortable!”

    “my darling girl”

    “Yes My Liege, I will wear my new collar as you’ve said I will.”

    Driving home I’m deep in thought about Sir. He knows that this makes me uncomfortable, especially around my family who don’t have much money and already think I’m extravagant. It’s truly not fair of him to require this of me. He may have been brought up around money but I wasn’t and for some reason this really has my hackles up now. Pulling up to the house I’ve become sullen. I don’t want to look at him or take his hand when I get out of the car. I’m sure he notices but he doesn’t say anything.

    Inside I put away my new clothes and take out a few old things as he has instructed me to do. I lay the old things on the bed in a huff and march back into the closet to pull out my oldest ugliest shoes. Coming out Sir is leaning in the doorway, “Take off your clothes.” Are you kidding me right now?! I’m getting really upset but I do as I’m told. I’m going to really let him have it in a minute. “Put on the clothes on the bed now.” I’m confused. He had me take these out to donate them and now he wants me to put them on. Finally I’m dressed again. My old slacks that have a missing button, a cherry blouse that has arm pit stains and my trashed sneakers.

    “Turn and look at yourself in the mirror darling.”

    Ugh, I look aweful! What a mismatch of tattered clothes.

    His hands lay gently on my shoulder as he looks into my eyes through the mirror, “I see before me a stunningly beautiful woman. She is strong and intelligent. She is loving and compassionate and she has been given so very little praise in return. This token of my love, this collar, represents the shining beauty I see in you whether dressed in these clothes or any others. You are my princess.”

    My fury evaporates as he breaks down my walls. I look at myself trying to see me as he does. I am the things he says, I am deserving of love. I am loving and compassionate. He knows my soul, he knows my heart, he knows my demons.

    “Thank you My Liege. Your gift of how you see me makes me feel cherished. I love my new collar.”

  • Mr.Fox

    at 9:35 am

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Loving Liege,

    Once again you have written a wonderful story for us to read. There is also a lesson that we can all learn from in this one.

    I anxiously look forward to the story!

    Mr Fox

  • mr-b

    at 3:48 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Loving Liege,

    Only two words….Very Nice!

    Four more…Thank You for sharing!

    Take Care!

    Mr. B

  • my-darlings-sir

    at 4:51 pm

    Basic | Dominant


    This is a wonderful story. We must always remind our subs how beautiful they are and how much they mean to us.

    Thank you for writing it.


  • master-grey

    at 8:09 am

    Basic | Dominant


    Another nice story.

    Thank you for it.


  • mr-c

    at 12:49 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    Great Read LL, Thanks again for sharing

    Mr. C

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