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      Sir Pappi

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      Hello gentlemen,
      This is something I was introduced to by a friend who practices 24/7 with his wife over a year ago.
      I had done some research and determined this is what I had been missing and needed in my life not only for the sexual aspect, but to help me control other areas of my life as well.
      Shortly after that went through a separation (not related) and put everything on the back burner.
      I met a girl online and we immediately hit it off. Then I find out she has been practicing/training for about a year through distance and tasks.
      We had a brief discussion, I commenced more research, and here I am.
      Willing to learn and absorb from both experienced and inexperienced alike.
      I work out of town a lot, we both have kids and are going to be apart for the next few years more than we are together, so looking to learn about long distance tasks and aspects of the D/s relationship.
      That’s probably enough for now!

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      Sir OTW | AMB

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      Welcome to husDOM. I hope your new relationship will grow to a long term success. I don’t have much background with long distance but there are several here that do. Just want to say hello and welcome.

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        Sir Pappi

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        Thank you Sir OTW,
        I look forward to growing with the resources and experience this site seems to offer already.

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      Mr. Dominus

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      Hello Sir Pappi,
      Im happy you found this site. This is a great resource to have as you learn and grow. I look forward to chatting with you in the future. Welcome to husdom.

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        Sir Pappi

        Basic | Dominant

        Thank you Mr. Dominus,
        I am glad to have found this site myself. There appears to be plenty of experience and information available already.
        Look forward to being involved in the discussions.

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