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      Hi all,

      I’m new to the site and just wanted to introduce myself.

      My wife an I have been married for almost 4 years and are now changing things to a 24/7 D/s.

      It’s definitely been interesting but quite cchallenging. We’ve worked rules, and a contract into our lives. Mainly though I’m having issues maintaining the correct headspace around her. Any suggestions are appreciated!


      Sir Brent

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      Mr. K sir

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      Welcome to husDOM, you will find this is a wonderful resource for your journey. I would suggest you start reading the blog posts, oldest to newest, as they will give you alot of information about maintaining that Dom headspace. If your sub has not joined yet, I suggest you have her join, it’s a safe place for subs to learn from other subs and build friendships. For me participation was key to getting to where i am today, the more you participate in the chats the more you will learn from other Doms as we are all willing to help. I look forward to chatting with you sometime. Again welcome.

      Mr. K sir

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      Mr. Dominus

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      Hello SoullessVoices,
      Pleasure to have you with us sir. I had trouble with maintaining my mindset early on. Still do some days. We are always learning. The important thing to remember is go slow and communicate. Be honest and forthright about where your at. Know that you will make mistakes sometimes. Own them and tell her you will do your best to correct it in the future. Time is needed here to learn amd grow into the dominant you want to be. This is a journey not a race. Welcome to husdom.

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