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  • New Pilot ready for take-off

  • coffeephilosophy

    at 9:36 am

    Basic | Dominant

    Hello guys.

    Obviously I’m new on this forum. I’ve toyed around in some kinks earlier in my life, but ultimately left them behind when I started to date more seriously. Now that I’m married my sex life is plain with a little bit of spice on special occasions. Our marriage is still strong and we are trying to have kids, but the sex has been a little underwhelming and after listening to the Husdom podcast I thought maybe it would be worth a try to insert this dynamic into my life.

    I’m more into the psychological kinks than the physical. Restraints and ball gags are cool, but I’m more into making her serve me a drink naked or having her refrain from touching herself while I tell her erotic stories. Tantric sex is also something I am very interested in, but I am still less than a novice

    Our anniversary is coming up in about 2 weeks and want to pop the D/s-M question to her then. So, in conclusion, I’m looking for some inspiration or some books that might help explain and introduce her to the basics and maybe help her find some taboos she may be ready to break with me.



  • sir-hermosa-amb

    at 10:39 am

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Welcome coffee!

    I look forward to getting to chat with you in the future.

    Feel free to poke around here, join in (or lurk if you’re more comfortable) in the chats, and hopefully you’ll find some of what you’re looking for.

    As for reading/research material, the only thing I know of is the subMrs site, and hopefully soon some episodes of LK’s podcast to complement MrFox’ for the ladies.

    Good luck sir.

    And my Little Peach is very cliché and loves the 50shades series and movies. Wasn’t a bad place to start for her!

  • mr-southern-gent

    at 2:45 pm

    Good afternoon coffee,

    Welcome around here, I’ve been poking my head in around here off and on for a few years while working with my wife tigrotta on our dynamic. It’s definitely a big change and a huge jump to make. My tigrotta was very interested in the fifty shades series as well. If you take the series at just face value it can easily be overlooked. But looking at the characters on a little deeper level it actually gets into a D/s-M dynamic that is very achievable, minus the billions of dollars…At the end of the day, it’s a team sport. I really liked Mr. Fox’s analogy about Pilot/Co-pilot as well, partially because I can relate really easily being a pilot myself. There’s a lot of discussions involved and the level of communication required to even get started is pretty wild, at least in my case.

    Good luck on your journey forward, and I look forward to talking with you more soon.


    at 2:37 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Welcome to husDOM. I hope you find the community helpful. Has your wife expressed interest in this? If not how to you plan to approach this? Would definitely encourage being upfront and transparent! Look forward to getting to know you more in the chats.

  • Mr.Fox

    at 6:11 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™


    Welcome aboard,

    I too would suggest the Fifty Shades of Grey books. It is something that almost everyone has at least heard of and has an idea of its BDSM behaviors and erotic virtues. Maybe tell her that you are reading and suggest that she may like to read it herself.

    It is not a how-to book at all but it is the first representation that is more mainstream and something that others can see themselves doing.

    I also like OTW’s approach… asking you a few questions regarding your request. Having that sort of dialogue with OTW will actually begin to develop your answers or roadmap, if you will, in. your own mind.

    Please let us know how you decide to approach this challenge and what happens.

    Best wishes

    Mr Fox

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