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  • New here and new D/s-M

  • SirViking

    at 3:59 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Joined couple of days ago after had a bad experience, the wife got too deep in her subspace and had a family emergency which that gave me a negative Domspace. After 2 nights we are back 100% to a normal D/s-M. We have been D/s-M for about 2 months now and that was our first bad experience. We started because I had 2 near death experiences recently, I deal with nocturnal epilepsy so I never looked forward being in the place that causes me the most pain. With our new found relationship boost thanks to D/s, I no longer have that dreadful feeling when heading for “fun time”. I won’t get into it now but that’s not the only improvement that has resulted from D/s-M, but I got to save something to talk about in the future.


  • Mr.Fox

    at 4:38 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Sir Viking,

    Welcome to husDOM.

    I am glad to see that you are already discovering success in your D/s-M relationship. I can only imagine the challenges that would be presented if a family emergency had developed during a time where my submissive was in. subspace.

    What did you do to help yourself recover from your negative domspace?

    I don’t know much about nocturnal epilepsy, alright practically nothing at all besides that the two individual words mean. Hopefully, there is some sort of treatment or something that can provide you more stability.

    Best wishes

    Mr Fox

    • SirViking

      at 6:28 pm

      Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

      First we had to make sure the emergency was taken care of, luckily it was just a close call a little too close for comfort honestly. As for recovery we used the basis that the sub gives the Dom their power, so I set my issues aside and focused on her subspace recovery which we could not complete without my full recovery from my Domspace. Once her slut subspace was at a point of were we could fix mine Daddy Domspace I was at the point of no return, keep in mine I had to deal with being Daddy thru work (I’m a store manager in a retail chain) and got over critical with myself which lead to a fast development of reclusiveness and being antisocial. After the recovery of Daddy failed we “killed” him off and used Daddy’s best features to develop my new Dom, Sir. I’m about 3 days into Sir and honest both me and the mrs have enjoyed the improvements we have made mainly being one I can keep thru “normal” life. We run 2 different headspaces with my main being Master being my more consistent headspace and Sir being my secondary for special nights. The mrs’ has slave which is her main and slut being available for when we have an empty house (she does have a tendency of getting too loud). Depending on how everything goes Sir may become my primary since we have refined him more than Master since the emergency.

      As for the nocturnal epilepsy it’s exactly how it sound I seize in my sleep, I do keep it at bay with medicine, and have regular doctor visits. The D/s-M has help me so much making sure that I keep up with my personal health. For the longest I had personally avoided pills because of seeing first hand the damage pills can do to someone (I lost my brother to pill addiction). But now being a Dom I realize that I have to take care of myself just as much as taking care of my sub.

      Sir Viking

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