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  • richxr7

    at 9:30 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    Hi, I’m new here. My wife and I, after years of experimenting with D/s and talking, decided to fully immerse ourselves and excited for the journey. We’re trying to read and learn as much as we can and incorporate it into our lives which can be difficult. We have 3 kids and another on the way. I work and she is a stay at home mom. I look forward to connect with you all and learn.

    Thank you

  • mr-k-sir_

    at 10:04 pm

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    Welcome to husDom, you have found a great resource here. The more you participate in the forums and chat the more you will get out of the community. If your wife hasn’t joined our sister site,, I would encourage you to send her there, it like this site but for subs only. I look forward to chatting with you sometime.

    Again welcome.

    Mr. K sir

  • sir-hermosa-amb

    at 12:06 am

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    I’ll echo MrK here.

    Browse through the forums and blogs, and reach out I. Chat to connect and get answers to any questions that pop up. Someone is usually around to help.

    Cheers Sir


    at 12:34 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Welcome to husDOM, Richxr7. We started this after 10 years of marriage with 2 young kids at home and my minx is also a SAHM. I hope you find this community helps you grow the way it has helped us.

  • richxr7

    at 10:17 am

    Basic | Dominant

    Thank you all
    This community is exactly what I’ve been looking for.

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