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  • New and looking forward to learning

    Posted by garith5555 on at

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Stephen and I am a 36 year old male from Toronto Canada. I have always had dominant sexual tendencies but never truly got to live them out until now. I found a submissive woman who I am quite taken with (to put it mildly), but don’t get very much time to spend with her. She is also new to all this but she really does enjoy being submissive and is up for most anything.

    I am a more agreeable person by nature and very easy going, I don’t tend to be dominant in any other aspect of my life, so I am finding the transition a bit difficult outside of sex (which could still use work as well).
    I found this site while I was looking for possible guidance and helpful info and am happy I can actually talk with real people here. Thank you kindly for reading this.

    FreeDom replied 1 year, 7 months ago 7 Members · 7 Replies
  • 7 Replies
  • Mr.Fox



    Welcome aboard!

    You have found a wonderful community to help you as you start on this new journey.

    I look forward to meeting you in the chat.

    Best wishes

    Mr Fox

  • sir-hermosa-amb


    Welcome sir. Always good to have another Canuck on here!

    Was good to chat with you this evening. I’m around and online at all sorts of odd hours, so feel free to hit me up with anything that pops into your head.




    Welcome to husDOM. I have found as I have gained confidence in my leadership of my submissive that I have grown in my confidence and leadership in other areas. Has been a strong asset to my work role as well. Enjoy the journey.

  • buck-amb



    Welcome to husDom.

    There are many Dominants here that will answer any questions that you may have. We are all learning and growing in our dominance.

    If your submissive has not joined the sister site,, I would advise you to encourage her to join.

    Once again welcome, and enjoy your journey.


    • garith5555


      Thank you kindly for the welcome good sir. I look forward to growing along side all of you.

      • BunnieDom


        Welcome, Fellow Ontarian. I found my confidence has grown immensely while learning from these fine Gentlemen.

        If you ever want to reach out, everyone here is extremely welcoming.

  • FreeDom


    Welcome, Sir.

    I am still learning much from these guys. I can tell you that this is a worthwhile place to spend your time. They have definitely helped me with my growth as a dominant outside of the bedroom as well. Be sure to be open and ask questions. I’m glad you’re here. It’s always nice to have a new personality join the ranks. Hope to talk to you soon.