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      Happy weekend all!

      I’ve been hanging out reading forums for a week or so, but finally get time to introduce myself.

      Where to begin… 20 years into our marriage, my wife and I started a discussion that led to somewhere new. She wants to be dominated. Now, for me this is wonderful news, as I have been in control of almost every other aspect of my adult life. I have always wanted control in the bedroom as well, but fell into the roll of ‘vanilla’ and things just kind of stayed there. I’m doing what I always do with a new endeavor, learning all I can and researching the heck out of it. For now it will probably start in the bedroom, but hopefully it will move into other aspects of our lives eventually.

      I’m sure, as I get some more free time, you’ll find me asking questions and trying to participate in the chat rooms. Thanks for the venue to come together with like minds and learn from others as we grow.

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      Mr. Dominus

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      Hello partsguyM
      Nice to have you with us sir. My wife and I started in the bedroom first. Im sure you will find many here who started them same way. It didnt take long for our dynamic to naturally flow into everyday life. I look forward to chatting with you soon. Welcome to husdom.

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