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  • mre-sir

    at 5:39 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    Just a little about me and my Babydoll. We have been married for over 11 years. Over the years we started taking each other for granted and this especially became the case after our son was born a little over 8 months ago. Like many wives mine read the 50 shades books which while I was thankful for the new kinkier sex I could never imagine that this would be the introduction to our most recent undertaking becoming D/s-M. We would casually talk about the themes from the book starting with the sex, but she would always take the conversation towards the D/s relationship. Initially she was curious as to why a woman would choose willingly such a lifestyle. Though her reading material since those books has seemed to stay within that realm. Just last week while she read a book that showed the 24/7 lifestyle in a true light, she realized this was the relationship she was looking for. We have had extensive discussions since then and numerous hours of research. We are brand new in the journey, and Mr Fox’s blog has been an invaluable resource for me as his early posts mirrored my own thoughts and feelings.

  • Mr.Fox

    at 9:38 am

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    MrE, Sir,

    Welcome Aboard!

    Thank you for introducing yourself and the kind words toward my website. I was sure when I began writing my blog that there had to be others just like myself. I could not seem to find anything of value or information that came from a loving, respectful point of view.

    Your beginning sounds similar to many of us that have found ourselves on kindred journeys. There will be many ups and downs along your journey but if you and your submissive remain patient and communicate openly and honestly with each other, the frequency and the severity of those cyclical waves will become less and less over time.

    Has your wife discovered my Little Kaninchen’s website yet?

    Best wishes,

    Mr Fox

  • mre-sir

    at 12:10 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    Mr Fox, yes my Babydoll has found LK’s website and has already chatted with her and others of like mind. While this is the lifestyle she has requested she still feels it to be so far removed from the mainstream that she would be unable to share her experiences or reach out in any way to anyone else. I look forward to my time spent here.

  • buck-amb

    at 12:26 pm

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    Welcome MrE,Sir,

    My Wench found LK’s site and then told me about Mr. Fox’s site. Both have been an invaluable source of information. LW also read the 50 shades books and then even bought me a nook so I would read them also.

    As Mr. Fox stated patients and communications are very important, LW and I have found this to be two of the most solidifying things in our journey.

    Again welcome


  • mr-b

    at 1:02 pm

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    Welcome MrE,Sir!

    Thanks for sharing your story! I think the FSOG series was a beginning for most couples! The books opened a world to most women that they didn’t realize existed…or more than that…realize it is what they wanted. And like yourself, I ran with it for the kinkier sex but it has since evolved into a lifestyle and a journey that continues to get better!

    I wish you and your Babydoll the best on your journey! I also look forward to future chats!

    Take Care!

    Mr. B

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