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  • mr-w

    at 4:31 pm

    Hi HusDoms.

    Im Mr. W for now, as we haven’t sorted out my title yet, so that might change at some point. My wife is KittyCat and can be found at LKs forum as well.

    My wife and I haven’t really started the D/s lifestyle yet, but is very curious. My wife told me about this lifestyle 2 weeks ago after have read FSOG and 10 other books with this subject the last year.

    After she told me i have tried to read everything about it to try and understand ( thats how i found this site ) and have also read the first FSOG book in 3 days and just started the second book today.

    We have talked about making mondays to D/s days for a start, to see how it goes and make it fit in a busy family life. We have 2 young kids and been together for 11 years and married 5.

    Hope to get a lot of good information in here to get us started, I have tons of questions.

    Mr. W

  • Mr.Fox

    at 6:06 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Mr. W.

    Welcome Aboard!

    Thank you for participating in the husDOM Forum. With participation from husDOMs just like yourself we will develop a one-of-a-kind invaluable resource for others to use as guidance along their journey.

    It also helps LK and myself by knowing who your submissive is on her blog…

    You can create threads under the appropriate forum titles to begin asking questions if you would like. You can also email me directly at if you would like to communicate regarding any private matters.

    I look forward to learning more about your journey,

    Mr. Fox

  • mr-w

    at 2:50 pm

    Thanks Mr. Fox

    Looking forward to be part of the journey here and in this forum.

    Mr. W

    • samoansir

      at 7:52 pm

      Basic | Dominant

      Hello Mr. W. I am SamoanSir. My wife and I have been doing the D/s thing full time for about almost 3 months now. We have 2 small children as well and I have to say it’s been a challenge implementing our dynamic while balancing a busy family life. A challenge, however that has many benefits that make the extra effort worthwhile. Arguments seem to diminish almost completely, and neither of us have been as sexually satisfied in the last 7 years as we are right now. Things I found particularly difficult at first were punishments for my wife and impact play. It all feels a bit surreal at first and pushed my moral boundaries a lot. I was raised to never hit a woman, now it’s a focal point of our relationship. Not to say in an abusive sense, but in a sense that we both agree on. Best beginning advice is have a thorough talk about limits hard and soft and trust your sub to use her safe words. We use Red Yellow Green. Yellow I found is the most important for learning, but often the most overlooked by newer subs. It’s tough to figure out what went wrong when it immediately goes from green to red. Another useful communication tool when beginning is to discuss openly what both of you hope to gain from this relationship dynamic. Establish if it’s only for play time or if it’s an everyday thing. For me one of my biggest complaints about my wife was her attitude when she talks to me and overuse of her phone. These were the first things we focused on after working out some problems. Initially we came up with like 4 pages of rules and realized in the first week that many of them were impossible to complete with a busy family lifestyle. Taking it slow isn’t necessarily a bad thing at all, and more often than not you will find your sub craving a faster pace or more dominance before you do. Not sure 50 Shades is the best source of information in a husband to Dom transition but the book does have a lot of play ideas. While I am a novice at this D/s dynamic my transition has been recent so I may be able to offer a fresh perspective seeing as how anything you are going through I may have just gone through in the last couple of months rather than years ago. Anyhow I am around to talk, give advice, and even take advice. Best of luck on your journey and feel free to post thoughts questions or comments in the forum Mr. Fox is pretty good about answering things quickly, but is also a very busy man with work so I’ll be floating around trying to give insight where and when I can.


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