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      Hello new guy here…
      My wife and I are reconnecting emotionally after a few emotionally distant years in our marriage.
      I have always been curious about the BDSM scene but never even waded in.
      I liked the leather etc. But had no clue what was happening in a scene.
      I have always enjoyed bringing pleasure to my partners in the bedroom; but just thought I would be a sub because I like to please.
      When I realised that the Dom brings the pleasure in the scene… I was ready to embrace the role whole heartedly. After she told me she was curious about BDSM we both dove in!
      I hope to find guidance on this site to move into this new role in my life.

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      Sir Hermosa | AMB

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      Welcome sir.

      Glad to see some info to go along with the name. Lol. Saw you log in the other day and you left me curious 😉

      Join in on the chats whenever you see someone online. I find they are invaluable for just talking to folks in the same situation as you, or that may have insight from dealing with starting a dynamic themselves in the past.

      Any time you see me online I’m willing to talk and share.

      Make sure you go through the blogs (oldest to newest seems like the best reading plan) and then browse the forums. Just be ready, there’s TONS of archived threads and information in there. It’s easy to get lost, and can get frustrating if you’re looking for a specific piece of advice or info. Make use of the search bar and tags if you have a topic in mind.

      Welcome again sir, and I look forward to chatting with you!

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