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  • Learning to show off

  • jake

    at 3:00 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    I tell Master Jake I will be submissive and do what He tells me to, so He tells me to wear something naughty that shows more cleavage than usual. I hesitate at first but then do what I’m told and wear a low cut blouse that cups my 42kk breasts nicely and I have a pretty bra on too.

    We go out to a bar and the waiter and all the guys can’t quit looking at my breasts. At first I can’t help but blush, but then after a couple drinks I get used to it and kind of like the attention. After a while, Master Jake tells me to go into the bathroom and take off my bra and bring it to him. I just stare at him. Then I lower my eyes and quietly say “yes, sir.”

    I get up and go into the bathroom. I stay there a long time, wanting to do what I’m told but also feeling very nervous. Then I take off my blouse, remove my bra, stick it in my purse and put my blouse back on. My nipples are hard and I’m breathing fast. I think my panties are wet. I take a deep breath and then open the door and head out. It seems like every guy is staring at my boobs. I walk over to our table, blushing, sit down. I feel like I’m showing way too much and am acting like a slut but Master Jake tells me that I look wonderfully naughty.

    Master Jake says “I know what every guy is thinking – they’re thinking that with huge boobs like yours, you would be great at titty-fucking. They can just imagine running their cock between your boobs, and you licking the glans of their cock when it slides out the top of your cleavage. They imagine that they are lying down on their back and you are on top of them with your boobs hanging down. They reach down and grab your boobs with both hands and squeeze them together while they push their cock between them. Your nipples are hard and you love the way their cock feels as it slides up and down, and you love it when they pinch your nipples at the same time. Their cock is a little too dry to slide smoothly so you take their cock in your mouth and suck on them with lots of saliva, then use your tongue to lick up and down their shaft and over their balls. Then you slide your tits over their cock again and start fucking their cock.

    The guys are having a great time, looking at their cock sliding between your massive boobs, and then they switch places so You are on the bottom and squeezing your boobs around their cock. They keep sliding their cock between your boobs and then with a shout they start to come all over your chest and boobs and some of it splatters your chin. You use your fingers to scoop up the jism and put it in your mouth. It’s salty. They come so much it takes many scoops of your fingers to get it all in your mouth, and then you lifts your boobs to your mouth and lick all the come off your nipples. That’s what every guy is fantasizing about when they see you in your low cut blouse without a bra, I can see it in their eyes. But I know that it will never happen for them, I’m the only one who gets to see you naked and play with your boobs and fuck you boobs or pussy or ass.”

    Master Jake tells me all of this and I just say, “yes, sir.”

    After a few more drinks, I’m pretty tipsy and am used to not having a bra on. Master Jake tells me to walk around the bar so every guy can see me. I have to admit that I like them staring at my boobs, and even like it when they talk to me while only looking at my boobs and not my eyes. I know Master Jake is watching and will be at my side in a heartbeat if I look the least bit uncomfortable. Three guys offer to buy me drinks, but I just smile and say no thank you. I like knowing that I make them hard, and like knowing that when they go home they’ll masturbate while thinking about fucking my boobs. If they only knew how much I love sucking cock and swallowing come, they might have a different fantasy.

    My nipples are hard and are jutting out of the thin fabric of my blouse. Every guy can practically feel my nipples in their mouth and pinched between their fingers and thumb. I can practically feel it too.

    Master Jake tells me that the next time I go to the bathroom I need to remove my panties, so I get up, go into the ladies room, take off my soaking wet panties, then go back to the table and discreetly hand them to my master. All this attention and me being so naughty has made me very hot and wet. I look at Master Jake with lust in my eyes and say “Please, Master, can we go?”

    He knows why I want to leave.

    So he pays the bill leads me out the door.

    We get in the car and He starts driving home. He takes my hand and puts it on his cock. I squeal with delight when I feel how hard it is. He tells me he wants his mouth on me, so While he’s driving, I unbuckle his pants, pulls down the zipper, then pull his pants and underwear down and start playing with his thick, hard cock. Then he says he wants to see my nipples, so I take my blouse off and am riding in the car with no top on. I’m desperate to taste his cock, so I lean over and start to lick him, then take it in my mouth and start to suck on it. It feels so good that pre-cum is leaking out all over the place. I’m bobbing up and down on his cock, oblivious to the traffic, but he tells me not to make him come because he wants to come in my pussy.

    When we get to our house, before we even get out of the car he takes off his pants and then tells me to take mine off too. We get out of the car and I bend over the hood as he tells me to. Jake kneels behind me and starts licking my pussy and ass and clit. I am dripping I am so wet, and his tongue on my clit makes me beg him to let me come. He finally says yes, and I have a hard time being quiet but don’t want the neighbors to hear. After I come, my Master stands up behind me and slowly eases his thick cock into my pussy and slides it all the way in. Now I REALLY have a hard time being quiet! He starts slowly fucking me, picking up speed, and I come again even harder. Then he starts really pounding me hard, making me moan and groan, and then I start coming one more time and can feel my pussy juices dripping down my legs in the cool night sir. My pussy squeezes his cock so hard that he starts coming too, and this time we both can’t help but be loud. The neighbors probably hear us!

    After he finishes coming, he stays in my pussy for a minute, then he tells me to clean his cock with my tongue. I can’t stand the taste of my pussy, but I want to please him so I bend over and use my mouth and tongue to lick him very clean. It doesn’t taste so bad tonight, and I love the taste of his come. He tells me he’s proud of his Little Lee. So now we’re both naked, outside in the dark, and we go inside and get ready for round two!

  • loving-liege

    at 4:08 pm

    Basic | Dominant


    Wonderful story sir! I hope you find occasion to exercise this story with Lee. I can’t imagine how good she would feel knowing everyone (including your readers) is now thinking about her in this very erotic fashion. I love that the point of this story was to allow her to see herself as you do, as a seductive beautiful woman who should be proud of her body and the pleasure you find with her.

    Well done Sir.

    Loving Liege

  • master-grey

    at 10:31 am

    Basic | Dominant


    Fantastic story! Thank you for sharing it.


  • Mr.Fox

    at 8:08 am

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™


    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story!

    I look forward to more,

    Mr. Fox

  • isiul

    at 3:04 pm

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Mira and I took a 3 day week end. I told her she was only to wear the shelf bras I that bought her. She complied. I had her wear a top that only had strings over the shoulder. One was black and the other was white. Most of the time she wore a light jacket because it was cool outside. On the trip going in the car she would nerviously pull up the top, show less cleavage when we were passing a Big truck. I told her to relax. Then on the way home she wore the same top, but was nearly showing her nipples. She layed her seat back and napped for about 2 hours, all the while on display for anyone that cared to look. I told her I was Really enjoying the Scenery. Especially Mira’s Peaks.

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