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  • Jumping in the deep end

    Posted by Neo71 on at

    Hello everyone! Just landed here and really getting my bearings. Basically, our story, my wife and I have dabbled in the arena is D/s over the years in the same way many do. Just some kink in a conventional sex life. Almost 27 years married (29 together), yadda, yadda, yadda we come together and decided that the D/s-M life was for us. While exploring the various communities we found that there is broad spectrum of D/s flavors of ice cream. While we don’t (at this moment) think everything we have seen is for us, a lot is looking like possibilities. We are currently looking at what fits and what doesn’t.

    Sir-Ed-amb replied 1 year, 6 months ago 7 Members · 6 Replies
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  • mr-k-sir_


    Welcome to husDom, you will find that D/s-M is not a one size fits all lifestyle. The great thing is you make it your own. You will find everyone here is willing to help and offer advice, take what works for your dynamic and leave out what doesn’t.

    Mr. K sir

  • Mr.Fox


    Welcome Neo,

    It was a pleasure chatting with you a little last night. Many of us here have been in long term committed relationships like you and your wife. The husDOM Dominant society possess a solid baseline of principles and values. We use this as a foundation to build our D|s-M relationships on.

    The magic of our Dominant brotherhood really comes from peer to peer sharing and learning. Don’t hesitate to dive right in.

    Best wishes

    Mr Fox

  • sir-hermosa-amb



    Welcome sir. There are a few others here, like myself, that brought the idea of DS-m to their submissive. I’m looking forwards to chatting with you, and perhaps you can learn from a bunch of my mistakes 😉


  • bft2013


    Hey Neo,

    Lots of similar backgrounds in this group. There are a lot of long term committed relationships here. You will find a lot of cool perspectives and great knowledge. I have been here a little over a year. I am glad I found this place.



    Welcome @Neo71,

    I am glad you have found that D/s-M life is a good fit for your marriage. My minx and I were shocked at the changes to an already good marriage that D/s-M added, including explosive growth in communication and openness. Look forward to getting to chat with you in the future.

  • Sir-Ed-amb


    Welcome again Neo, you already took a big first step showing up to the live chat the other night. Like you said not everything in this lifestyle is for everyone. Each dynamic is unique. Hope to see you at future chats and enjoy the ride.