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  • samoansir

    at 3:36 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    Hello fellow HusDoms! I am Samoan Sir. My wife (known as Sottomesso) and I decided to try the D/s lifestyle back in November of 2013 so we’ve been at it only a couple of months. Adjusting to this lifestyle can be tough at times but if you put hard work and dedication into it, like most things, it can and will be very rewarding. I am by no means an expert Dom, rather I am a loving husband who has recently transitioned into this lifestyle and through trial and error have found many advantages to making this dynamic work for us. I am around to answer any questions I can or offer opinions and advice, though like I stated before I’m by no means an expert. Mr. Fox and LK have made a place for us like minded husbands transitioning into a D/s lifestyle to discuss learn and grow together. One of the more challenging things about this lifestyle is that it’s mainly secretive. For example I’m not going to go tell my friends that I spanked my wife last night for giving me attitude, I doubt they would understand. On the other hand when you become a HusDom you have nobody to turn to when you meet challenges and need advice. I will be floating around this forum and trying to respond to any queries when time permits. Thanks for reading and I wish you all the best on implementing your dynamic, whether you are as new as I am or you have been doing it for years.


  • husdom

    at 6:25 pm

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    Samoan Sir,

    Welcome Aboard!

    I know that I have already thanked you many times but, thank you again for your participation in the husDOM Forum.

    I enjoyed where you spoke of not being an expert but rather a loving husband (husDOM). That is exactly what we should all be aspiring to become… We are all students of the art of D/s…

    Wishing you a happy journey,

    Mr Fox

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