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      So, I suppose I should start with some back story. I was born in….oops, that’s way too far back. Let’s shorten this down a bit.

      I met my wife/sub almost 6 years ago and she blessed my life by marrying me about a year and a half ago. Despite our “newlywed” status, it was already becoming apparent that we were allowing life together to become mundane and our relationship was going into rut mode. While the sex is great and more then ‘sassifying’ it too was becoming routine as well. I started looking for ways to bring back some spark and spice to both our daily and personal lives. I fully believe my Angel is my gift from above and she deserves my best. Then one day my brain kicked in and said ‘Hey Dumbass….she gave you an answer a few years ago!!!”

      Angel had lightly broached the idea on D/s before. Well, we never ran with the concept. So, a few weeks ago, I started doing some research and was not finding anything more then tidbits from assorted blogs. forums and websites that I felt we could start implementing….we’re married, with kids in the house! Then, I clicked a link and it was like the rain stopped, the clouds parted and sun shined again….HusDom.

      Finally a site more geared to real life (Thank You Mr.Fox). So I collected as much info I could and set to the daunting task of how to approach Angel with this, hmm. Knowing that our relationship already mirrored that of D/s-M in some smaller ways I decided that the best approach was that of a Dom. I came home from work, threw the kids to the far end of the house and told my wife to turn off the computer and her phone, go have a seat and that we were going to have a talk.

      Funny, without missing a beat, she looked at me (with a little apprehension in her eyes) said “Yes Sir” and did exactly as I had instructed. We had a long talk about it, she agreed with my perception of our current situation and even thanked me for taking the lead in this cause she wasn’t sure how to approach me about adding some “spark & spice” to our ‘vanilla’ relationship.

      I highly recommended LK’s site to her, so Angel signed up and she has been cruising around there for a few days now. We are both going into this with our eyes and minds open. Do we know for sure that this is for us and if so, to what extent….no, but we are committed to giving it a go and seeing where the journey takes us.

      Thank You Again to Mr.Fox & LK for 2 great resources (one for each the Dom & the sub) and also for coming at this from the angle of being married, having kids and for having real everyday lives. I look forward to learning and hopefully being able to share our experiences with others.


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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Welcome aboard!

      What a great introduction Sir. I am elated that you have found our communities and look forward to learning more about you and your angel.

      My favorite part of your introduction was when angel said “yes sir!” out of instinct. When I first began my journey, LK wanted to call me sir and I resisted the expression. Within no time I have come to cherish those very words. Those two simple words must have eased your trepidation at the moment and assured you that you were on the right path.

      Best wishes,

      Mr. Fox

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