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      Basic | Dominant

      Hello HusDom,

      I’m very new to this topic.

      Granted, I’ve been in a relationship for six years, married for three. My wife and I have seen plenty of turns in the last few years, and it’s been turbulent. High stress levels and highly rewarding, and it’s an education just to be with her. She and I are at this point where we are about to undertake a huge endeavor, but it’s still a few months in the making. This leaves plenty of time to work on our relationship.

      This morning, we woke up next to each other and a switch was thrown in my mind. I just couldn’t shake the image of a d/s aspect to our relationship and I have been reading and learning all that I can since. For the last several years we’ve been exploring these roles in our intimate moments, and they have always been fleeting and temporary. As long as I’ve known my wife she has openly expressed her desire to be a sub. Today, I believe that I’m ready to start that journey with her.

      I’m glad to be here and to engage with the community. I’m looking forward to the conversations and lessons that I can learn.

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      Sir Tomcat

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      Welcome to the community, Dominic! I’ve only recently joined myself, but this is exactly the right place to be. The camaraderie here is amazing. Everyone I’ve interacted with absolutely loves their spouse, but has, for whatever reason got them walking this path, chosen to take their relationship into a direction that, while outside the “norm”, has become the most fulfilling decision we’ve made. Don’t rush things, as you’ve likely got quite a bit to learn… but definitely enjoy the ride. Ask questions in chat, and read the forums and posts. There’s a TON of good information to glean, and there are usually people online to answer questions, and you’ll get multiple perspectives. Be vulnerable and brutally honest with yourself, and with your questions, and you’ll get the same here. That is probably the aspect I like best.

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      Mr. Dominus

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      Hello Dominic,
      My wife and i started in similar way. Like many of us here my wife brought this to me completely taking me by surprise. We started in the bedroom first and let it slowly spill out into everyday life. This community has been instrumental in our success with ds. I look forward to chatting with you in the future. Welcome to husdom sir.

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