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  • dominus

    at 12:57 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    I purchased a Fuck Machine and thought I would share our first experience with it.

    I received my Fuck machine in he mail. I also ordered a huge nine inch dildo and a wand dimmer for my hitachi. I quickly opened up the box and noticed that the dildo I had purchased was literally the size of my forearm. I thought to myself there is no way that’s even going to fit, it’s going to feel like giving birth!

    I spent half the day setting it all up and playing with all the settings, figuring out how to use it and making sure I was going to be safe and sane.

    Once MLT arrived home I went into the bedroom and started setting up the scene. I new that I would have to make it fun and have MLT relaxed, if this was going to be anything that she was going to be willing to try.

    Once the kids where put to bed, MLT knocked on the door to my chamber. I opened the door and MLT looked in.

    MLT went straight wide eyed. “OMG Sir, that think is terrifying, my stomach just turned, I need to go to the bathroom. That is not going to fit Sir!”

    “Oh we are going to try MLT”. I then told her to assume Nadu position to calm her down and explained that we are going to have fun and work together. This is not a scene and you may speak freely. I took her over to the bed and explained how the machine works and the settings. I asked:

    “How would you like to set it up?”
    “I don’t know Sir.”
    “MLT you are great at expressing yourself when you receive pain, tonight you are going to work on expressing yourself when you receive pleasure.”
    “Yes Sir.”

    So I set it up as she requested, turns out long and deep, lmao not a surprise! With a lot of lube and some work, MLT managed to get the the mold of King Kings Dong in, and I started very slowly.

    “Do you feel like your being devirginized MLT?”
    “Most defiantly Sir.”
    “Does it feel good?”
    “Not really Sir.”
    “Ok let’s get that squirt stick in its proper place. Now how does it feel now MLT?”
    “That’s great Sir!”

    That quickly got her going and I edged her around 10 times, as that is my specialty!

    “May I cum sir?”
    “No! But you may ask to ask.”
    “May I ask to cum Sir?”
    “No lmao.” I love doing that!
    “You don’t have permission MLT, if you take an “O” from me I will rip that dildo out of you and punish you MLT. Do you understand MLT?”
    “Yes Sir!”

    I continued edging the shit out of MLT and when I seen that there was no possible way I was going to be able to edge her any more. I said:
    “You may ask to ask MLT.”
    “May I ask to cum Sir?”
    “Can I ask to cum Sir?”
    “Can I cum Sir?”
    “Yes, but after I count down from ten.”
    “Oh fuck Sir, I can’t hold on Sir.”
    “You don’t have permission yet MLT, I began a slowly countdown from 10….1, cum MLT!”
    “Ohhhhhh ffuuckkk! I cum to serve Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!”

    And holy fuck I had that fucker right tapped out 200 gaping King Kong dongs pounding away at her per minute, squirt stick on high. Squirt flying, still don’t have my squirt goggles lol. Her orgasm was spine breaking to say the least. I am sure the next door neighbors heard it. I was laughing so hard seeing her in such ecstasy. We both did not count how many times she cummed, but a fuck of a lot to say the least. I officially filled the squirt blanket and it held up great!

    After she was done she start crying immediately, now MLT for the most part starts crying after a scene because of the great orgasms or pain received, but this one was much different. It was a cry that sounded like extreme pain. She curled up in a ball. I quickly covered her up with a blanket and draped myself over her.

    “Are you ok? Are you hurt?”
    “Noooo Sirrr.”
    “Your not hurt?”
    “No Sir.”

    I held her and she cried very hard for about 20 minutes with me doing after care. All she could say was “oh my god, oh my god”.

    After she said it was the greatest orgasm she has ever had. So intense she could not explain it. I said:
    “What did you like about it?”
    “I like that we can use it in our scenes now.”
    “No MLT would you change any setting?”
    “No Sir please leave it as is Sir.”
    “Ok MLT.”
    MLT then asked me:
    “How long was I practicing and playing with the machine?”
    “For about an hour, why?”
    “Because you ran it very nicely Sir.”

    I was a fucken all-star running the the wand dimmer and the speed on the fuck machine. Edging the shit out of her for just over an hour. MLT took that King King Dong like a champ! As always living up to her name as My Little Trooper.

    The machine is very easy to use. It is very very quiet. I would highly recommend purchasing one. It is a great addition to my toy collection and will most defiantly aid in my training sessions. I will be doing some modifications to it, so that it can go from laying flat to straight up-and-down. The wand holder needs to be fixed a little bit, it’s not quite centered over the dildo. The wand dimmer is a great purchase as well, as the speed can be changed with the turn of a dial.

    The fuck machine was a great success!


  • hersir

    at 5:17 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    Marvelous to hear. I’m jealous and intend to buy one after the wedding – I look forward to being able to fuck my love indefatiguedly with one of these machines. And everything I hear about them just makes me want one more.

    Thanks for sharing Sir


  • my-darlings-sir

    at 5:40 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    Told you so……LOL!

    Well done Sir. Glad to hear that you and MLT are enjoying your new purchase.


  • Mr.Fox

    at 12:51 am

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™


    What a great experience that you and mlt had together… I for one am very appreciative that you shared it with everyone. I am sure that many will enjoy learning about your experience with the fuck machine.

    and explained that we are going to have fun and work together. This is not a scene and you may speak freely.

    I liked many things that you did throughout your scene but I really liked the way that you brought it down a notch to match mlt’s comfort level.

    I also appreciated the fact that you shared the most important after care…

    Best wishes,

    Mr Fox

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