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  • Austin's Saturday Afternoon

  • austin

    at 1:58 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    I’m home alone this weekend, so i poked around the forums and decided to make a first post. I’m rather bored and missing my M.

    So, I skyped her some instructions. She is helping family move this weekend, won’t be home til Monday. I saw the tasks post, stole one and sent this.

    (Me) M – I know you are moving this weekend. I know life is calling. I want you to find time this weekend:

    Self Esteem – you are to kneel in front of a mirror looking at yourself for 5 minutes, after, find 5 things you love about yourself and skype them to me.
    (reply from M) Yes sir.
    (Me) Good girl, responding quick. Addition: During those 5 minutes, touch 3 of your favorite body parts. Name them, and below your list of 5 things you love about yourself, I want you to add..

    (example) of part, belongs to you SIR. of part, belongs to you SIR. of part, belongs to you SIR.

    and below this, answer this question. Who do you belong to?

    I will inspect all.

    M hates being away from me. Three days is a long time. She didn’t want to go and decided to be fiesty with me, as you will see, because someone needs a good spanking. But, she also made me laugh my ass off. M is very submissive, but at times….

    (reply from M)

    I belong to Jesus.
    I will get this done sir.
    (Aussy Pants)
    My reply, is below. M likes to be displayed, and used, and watched. M would readily be gangbanged, felt up by numerous males while bound, but always adds, “only if it pleases you, SIR”..which of course is true, and also bullshit. My M is also my little pornstar at times and a big time exhibitionist. Her funishment is me proudly showing pics of her naked to my friends. This is one of her biggest rushes.. so, she got my reply…

    Jesus calling. Your bare bottom belongs to me, so if that doesnt make the list make sure to add a 4th body part. And it will be over my lap and red next time I see you. BTW – Jerry said he wants to suck your pussy. I told him while I was spanking your stinging ass, I’d reach my hand underneath you and put a finger on each side of your clit, seeing that is MY pussy, and spank you til you came all over, and maybe he could lick it up.

    Going into the air conditioning, fixed finally.. and HOT here. Plus I got a huge fucking boner right now. It’s called a Jesus Boner. When you return home M, it will be time to worship he who owns you.
    Skype has been quiet for the rest of the day.

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