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  • An Introduction

     mr-b updated 7 years, 6 months ago 3 Members · 3 Posts
  • xajow

    at 4:55 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    As someone who pops up here and there with something usually wholly useless generally wise and eloquent to say, I really should provide a few words about myself.

    I am called Xajow. Why? Well, because I chose that as an internet handle way back in the day when a person could say “internet handle” and not get puzzled looks.

    I am not really anyone of note. Because I my ego is oversized, however, I have a blog where I talk as if my opinions were good wisdom. Before you go to my blog, however, I should issue a warning. I talk not only about things D/s, but also things political. And that I do from a libertarian perspective. I also occasionally talk about things spiritual from a Christian perspective. And sometimes I write smutty things using dirty words that are probably Not Safe For Work.

    Confused? Well, I probably am too. Suffice to say, I have strong opinions about D/s, politics and spiritual matters. And most other things too, but I usually confine my posts to those three areas of discussion.

    Anyway, if you want to see my hopeless ramblings sage discourses, please feel free to peruse my blog at And leave a comment or two if you feel so inclined. I am always open to discussion. (Fair warning: I am not easily persuaded.)

    I may not be the most active member here at Mr. Fox’s website. Possibly I am even one of the least active. But I hope you will not mind when I speak up from time to time.

    That is all, unless anyone has any questions. You are always free to ask me anything, and I will answer or not as I see fit.

    Good day.

  • Mr.Fox

    at 6:31 pm

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    You don’t have to be the most active person on my website to participate…

    We are just glad that you are hear and we enjoy your perspective…

    Welcome aboard!

    Best wishes,

    Mr Fox

  • mr-b

    at 7:40 pm

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    Welcome Xajow,

    I enjoyed reading your comments during the last chat session.

    I look forward to future chats…as well as checking out your site!

    Take care!

    Mr. B

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