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  • Airport Pickup Night

  • Anonymous

    Deleted User
    at 1:33 am

    This is a true account that I wanted to share briefly. Preparation is my lesson learned. Putting thought into something always shows to my (and your) sub.

    Curvy had been 5 days with the grandkids and it was time to meet at the airport and pick her up. Oddly enough, when I take her to the airport, I walk her through ticketing and make sure her bag gets checked. But when I have picked her up over the years, I normally am waiting in the truck outside baggage claim. Not tonight.

    We live 90-120 min from the airport so it’s a reasonably long ride home especially when you’re worn out for kids and travel. So, I decided to have a picnic for her in the truck as we drove home.

    I was waiting in her as she came through the security exit. What a feast for my eyes. As gorgeous as ever, actually she keeps getting prettier as she ages. Not sure how she looks so much younger than me but is six months older. Lucky me. But here she comes with a little wave and a gorgeous smile. She walks up and drops her eyes and waits for me to address her. This type thing feeds me to no end. We greeted properly and went to baggage claim. There she pulls her collar out of her purse and says they made her take it off at the previous airport. (I looked for this day collar before I left and couldn’t find it obviously. So I had grabbed her night collar and it was in the truck.

    We got to the truck and I had loadsd up the truck with her stuffed animals and laid our picnic blanket over her seat. I had my ice chest with a bunch of small sealed bowls of various food goodies I had prepared. I had stocked the ice chest with wine, sodas, water and tea. So as she hugged her animals, I got her wine and water. Then I showed her all her picnic items and got her set up. She was overwhelmed and semi shocked. Best feeling ever.

    After she ate, I reached out and grabbed her breast and hand and she grabbed back and simply wouldn’t let go of me for the next hour or ao.

    I had two plans for home. Plan A was all my tricks, toys and floggers waiting. Cuffs ready, ropes rigged. Plan B was a soft evening of cuddling while her tired soul fell asleep in my arms. I figured she would be very tired and I can push plan A to tomorrow night to be flexible.

    The entire way home, no mention of being tired. We talked about the kids, our respective weekends and our lives. I certainly wasn’t going to ask her if she was tired. She was on cloud nine due to a few very simple preparations I had made with the picnic and her animals.

    She got a quick bath and without saying a word to her I got the room lit up with candles and my phone linked to the stereo. When I heard her getting out, I started a bedroom playlist I had put together. Once I hit play, Annie Lennox starts her velvety take on “I put a spell on you “. I have conditioned her to know this song means she’s about to feel a lot of love and pleasure centered on her body.

    I won’t go into the sordid things we did but it was very tasty. I wrapped her up in our blanket and got her back to me. She said, more Sir. I said, okay we can go again not knowing how I was going to do that. She said, no Sir. I need more on the flogger as in harder.

    Music to my ears.

  • Anonymous

    Deleted User
    at 2:19 pm

    I was reading an article about anchor points in commercial advertising. And how to create anchor points with your submissive. Getting her to associate certain things with pleasure. Kind of a Pavlovian type thing I take it. The music starting with that particular song is like flipping a switch now. For both of us I might add.

  • lawdogdom

    at 12:21 pm

    Basic | Dominant

    oooh… great point about anchor points. I feel I have some un-anchoring to do to help my scenario and create new anchor points for our future.

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