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    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    It was dark except for the fire burning in the fireplace.
    On her knees, in front of a high backed chair, was a beautiful women. Silk ropes bound her wrists. Heavy shackles restrained her heart.
    There, sitting in front of her, was a man. A monster.
    “Teach me” she said. Desperation filled her heart as she looked deep into his eyes. Tears ran down her cheeks.
    Pushing her head back down,he reminded her of his orders. “Eyes down!”
    “Teach me what I must do to please you, Sir!” The slave pleaded.
    “You must do exactly as I say, when I say.” The creature growled.
    “Yes Sir!” She whimpered. Her eyes glued to the floor, just as her captor had instructed her to do.
    Pain. Slow, dull, pain shot through him, as the monster within writhed in pleasure.
    “I specifically told you to never converse with any strange men! Especially those proclaiming to be a Dom. You are mine. You should have referred him to me and that would have been the end of it!” He bellowed. “If he was who he said he was, he would have asked my permission to have you.”
    “Would you have let him take me?” She cried.
    As she said this, tears streamed down her face. The makeup that he had required her to wear was nothing more than streaks by now.
    “Forgive me, Sir!” She sobbed.
    In that moment, he realized the monster he had become. He knew that this evil creature must be killed.
    “God help me!” His heart called out. Immediately, his chair was turned over as he fell down on the floor in front of his slave.
    “Forgive me, My Love! You have done nothing wrong. It is I who have betrayed you!” Tears streaming down his face, he picked her up and carried her to their bed.
    He gently removed the ropes and wiped away her tears. Together, they lay quietly. Not another word was spoken.
    He lay holding her, until the first light. Quietly, he moved out of the bed and to his desk.
    With all of the strength he could muster, he picked up his pen.
    “You have occupied this house long enough. You have destroyed everything that I had dreamed of and left nothing but stench and ruin. You have defiled my bed and disrespected My Love. For this, you shall surely die. By my might, you will never enter this house again. You will never occupy my heart, you vile creature.”
    Putting the pen down, he rose and walked quickly to the fireplace. Hands shaking, he placed the paper on the embers. As quickly as they could, flames devoured the fuel, and soon returned to their previous state.
    And, where previously, there stood the creature, there was now a man. Worn out, disheveled, and weak, but nevertheless, a man.

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     Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M 

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™


    What a great story… You have a true talent…

    Thank you for sharing,

    Mr Fox

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    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Mr. Fox,
    Thank you for the kind words. Unfortunately, there is way too much truth to this story. It did feel good to finally tell it though.


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       Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M 

      Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™


      From our recent conversations o recognized that immediately while reading the short story.

      You articulated it very well in your writing.

      Nice job!

      Mr Fox

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    Basic | Dominant

    I feel this to be the case with me and where I am at in life. Awesome story and great heart and articulation of the expressions from both sides. Thank you for sharing this.

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    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    Thank you for the kind words. I am glad that you liked it. The monster is no longer a part of our story. My Love and I have come a long way from that point.
    Still not perfect but willing to become better.

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