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  • A Reintroduction

    Posted by DMW on at

    Hello – Hoping to re-engage here after taking quite a break. Since membership changes over time I thought I might do a re-introduction.

    My wife, Sabrina and I have been married for 6 years. For much of the first few years we dabbled in M/s, sometimes successfully and sometimes not. We have a slightly different relationship than most here – re-married after previous 20-year marriages, and very different – all of my relationships have had a D/s component, while BDSM / D/s /M/s was totally new to her.

    A couple of years ago I felt like it was no longer productive to try to impose my desires on her and I told her that I felt it more important to be happily married to her than to try to beat a dead horse – I was very frustrated with our dynamic and how it was impacting us. Instead, she pulled me back in and said that she knew I would not be happy without acknowledging and catering to that side of me. So, we re-kicked off our D/s marriage with rules, protocols, and a commitment to have the dynamic be a major focus on life.

    We keep things going through a number of daily rituals and protocols – she calls me Master, she wears her eternity collar at night and when we travel, she has other rules and behaviors she follows. We’re looking forward in some ways to the last of our kids flying the coop soon – we are headed from 6 down to 1 at home, for his last year of school. It will make even more space for us to life out my ideal dynamic.

    The best thing about Husdom for me last year, when I was more active, was the personal relationships I was able to develop, including online and in-person relationships. Ultimately my goal is to be off the computer and in the real world. There’s nothing like meeting with like-minded men and couples.

    Anyway, if you see me online please feel free to reach out directly or on the chat. Hope to participate more frequently again – dmw

    Mr.Fox replied 2 years, 6 months ago 3 Members · 4 Replies
  • 4 Replies


    Glad to have you back here @dmw!

  • Mr.Fox



    Welcome back, my good sir…

    We are on a mission to build a community of Dominants and submissives (subMrs). A place where we all have common principles and values where we develop lifelong relationships and support and help one another grow.

    But you already know this…

    Best wishes

    Mr Fox

  • DMW


    Thanks @OTW-AMB , @Mr.Fox . Hoping to clear much more time to be active again here.

    • Mr.Fox


      It is nice to have you back!

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