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      I have always knew I had a dominant personality. I have also known that I wanted my wife to be submissive. I would hint to her and “play” the dominant role in the bedroom. I did not however want to try a force her into a submissive position. I needed her to want it as badly as I did. It wasn’t until recently that we watched the 50 Shades trilogy that it opened her eyes to the world that I had been longing for. We have been married for going on 20 years and she has finally gifted me with her submission completley and totally. This happened just a week ago. While trying to find a community/resourse I ran across this site and was impressed by the content I have seen and read. It makes me feel comfortable knowing that there are more husDom’s out there, and would like to try to connect with someone like minded with more experience than I that could help me to grow and learn how to lead my wife/sub to a fulfilling and long term D/s relationship.

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      Sir Hermosa

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      Welcome sir!

      There are a lot of gentlemen here with similar stories.

      Feel free to browse the blogs, look in the forums, and get an idea of what’s going on.

      I also strongly encourage you to crack open the chat panel and say hi to the folks that are online. I have gained a ton of help and insight from my conversations here.

      Remember that your dynamic is a growing, unique thing. It is truly “dynamic” and unlike anyone else’s. Make sure you take advice from the context of “that’s how they would do it… would that help us in our journey?” Be discerning and look for the nuggets of truth that you find in all the chatter. We sometimes get off topic a wee bit 🙂

      Cheers sir. Looking forward to getting to know you better.

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      Mr. Dominus

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      Hello Cwcallen76
      I am delighted to hear you and your wife have decided to venture into this journey together. It has helped my marriage of 22+ years immensely. My wife brought this to me in desperate need to save our relationship. This community has been instrumental in our success. I hope you find the same. I look forward to chatting with you in the future. Welcome to husdom.

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      Welcome to husDom Mr.Callen. I would second what Sir Hermosa has written and suggest slow and steady. A good foundation makes for a solid dynamic.

      I would also suggest that your submissive join the site. That is the sister site for the submissives.

      Once again welcome to husDom and enjoy your journey.


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      Sir OTW | AMB

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      Welcome to husDOM, Mr. Callen, enjoy as you start exploring this world together. I would echo Buck’s recommendation that she get on subMRS as well so she has a community of submissives to help her in her journey like you do here. We have found communication and adding things to our dynamic slowly and at a pace that I can follow up on effectively to be very helpful. Everything you add, you become responsible to follow up on so begin slow and consistently and enjoy!

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