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Become a Dominant Leader

Would you like to listen to Mr. Fox’s personal thoughts and perspective on becoming a Dominant Leader, a husDOM?

Join Mr. Fox as he shares his thoughts and perspective on not just becoming a Dominant Leader but also maintaining this dominant lifestyle as well.

Many of the topics and insights that are discussed pertain to his personal relationship with his lk, family,  friends, co-workers, and peers.  And of course the current topics of the husDOM community.

We all have the ability and the capacity to achieve greatness in our lives.  We have to be consistent and work hard to fulfill our destiny, to become the man that we are supposed to be.  Our society today and many of the messages that we hear are limiting us and our potential.  Those messages are often about accepting mediocrity and shaming those that desire to want more, the desire to be more.  We are biologically male and our spouses are biologically female.  The terms masculinity and feminity should be celebrated.  We should discuss how they complement each other and work in synergy within a relationship.  

If you are still here…  still reading…  this podcast is for you.

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HD003 – 5 Skills That Could Change Your Life, Your Marriage

Gentlemen, I am excited to announce the weekly publication of the husDOM podcast.

I was inspired to share some of my thoughts during my drive to the airport. The idea of sharing these thoughts is not to try and tell you. how you should do something or how you should think but rather to inspire some genuine curiosity and self-evaluation.

While I was thinking about why I am not striving to be a better man or striving for 110% every day of my life, I thought of 5 skills that are essential in developing a Dominant Leadership attitude.

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