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      Mr. Shade

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      I thought I’d post a scene that I planned out specifically to watch the US/Germany World Cup game. Now that team USA is in the Championship – I thought I’d share in case others might want to celebrate the World Cup in our own special way:

      1. World cup rules: Coin flip to see who goes first: For each 10 minute segment of the game – one of us gets to tease the other using any method desired. The objective is to hold out for the entire 10 minute segment – but we can each use safewords (yellow, red) to either slow or stop. Red ends the tease for that 10 minute segment. No cumming. You may bring down any other toys that you would like to use on me – or toys you would like me to use on you.
      2. Special rules: If Japan scores – we will place clothespins on your left nipple. If USA scores – we will place clothespins on your right nipple. Halftime rule – if a score occurs in the first half – pins come off at the start of the 2nd half. If there is a score in the second half – they go back on.
      3. Halftime rules: Intense kissing session. We may both use hands to touch anywhere EXCEPT genitals. You can kiss anywhere and touch anywhere else.
      4. Overtime rules: If there is a shootout – we will go to spankings after each shot– cumulative – for the number of goals scored. E.g. if Japan scores 1 – that’s 1. If the US scores 1 – that’s 2.


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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Mr Shade,

      The games that members come with here on husDOM™ are great. They are unique and often bring the spirit of playfulness into the dynamic.

      Thank you for sharing,

      Mr Fox

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      Basic | Dominant

      Love it.

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