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      Hello gentlemen,

      Here are some of my latest toys. Inspired by the Paddle Challenge.

      One is a wavy varnished pine paddle, with a roman sword style handle and a hole shaped like a heart. Yes the impact actually leaves white hearts on peach’s butt evil grin

      The second one is made from a 50 year old cedar plank took out from the demolition of our house’s second floor. It will be a nice memento of this cool house since we are moving at the end of June. It is much heavier and packs an evil “WAACK”… the word “kitten” is engraved deep on one side in a mirror style.. this way it prints correctly on peach’s cheeks… eviler grin

      The leather work on the handle is a bit messy. I am not as good as Boris yet for that. The leather is also furniture fake leather (same from the tantra chair project, I still have a few feet), so it is not as flexible as real leather and has only one good side. Nonetheless it has some charm.

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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Master Alcid,


      You have done an incredible job making these paddles. You quite a talented craftsman. And much gratitude for sharing your builds here on husDOM™.

      My favorite is the woven leather handle and the curves of the paddle. The curves are almost that of a woman’s body. That paddle is simply sexy!

      Best wishes,

      Mr Fox

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      Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

      Thank you very much Sir, I so love the curvy paddle, but i sadly need more experience with the leather… it looks good only on that side, the other side misses crossings. I did not figure what I did wrong yet! But it is very usable nonetheless 🙂

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