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      Good afternoon all, i am sure this question is really to each one couple differently, but when talking about training, what are some small things to start with. I am lost at this point. My sweets knows that she is not allowed to open any doors when i am with her. And she will wait. I have even tested it by getting in as i forgot and she will wait. I am not really sure what else to do. She has no problems with oral sex, she can hold her orgasm. She follows instructions all the time. I must say sometimes to well. Just trying to move to the stage. I thought training would be good, but i cant figure out what or even how. Any i put would be appreciated. Thanks again

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      We are currently working on my minx’s verbal responses to instructions or questions. One thing in particular I am finding helpful in this is the ability to ask her a question and for her to give a neutral response letting me know easily if she is simply up for whatever.

      Right now we are just starting to build the habits, we will add some funishments for missing correct responses later.

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      Hello Beau,
      Maybe you can think of ways you would like her to act around you or others. Does she have some bad habits you wish to help her with? How can you help her grow as a person as well as a submissive? How you train her would most likely be unique to your dynamic. If you have specific ideas let us know maybe we can help devise a plan to meet your goals. Whatever you decide its important to be consistent and follow through with it. As otw pointed out giving her time to make it habitual before adding punishment is a good idea. Correction can be used to help her make the training stick.

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