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      Basic | Dominant

      In the very beginning, before I informed MLT I wanted her to submit to me, I was introducing kink and making everything fun. My goal was to make her laugh and be wondering what in the hell is he doing next?

      I’m going through my iPad and cleaning up some notes and such. I came across a bunch of stuff I did in the begining.

      I though I would share a letter/instruction I had writen MLT. When I printed theses off I made them like a full page contest thing. Full color, I put time and thought into it.

      This game it called:
      Tonsil Time Rub Down

      You are getting your back rubbed and tickled, but it has to be a certain way. Your way. But when I find that spot you want to be rubbed or tickled.

      WOW!!!! Watch out!

      It’s Tonsil Time Rub Down!!

      The better it is the deeper yoouu gooo! But when I’m not on the right spot or doing what you like, no more tonsils for that weenie. Instead your teasing and only giving a knob job. If I’m only doing half the way you woukd like it, you only go half way down the shaft gauge, making me find that spot you would like rubbed or tickled again and again to your liking.

      For winning this game you will receive a complementary back rub of your liking and a colossal load of two ball throat cream!

      I read this and I’m seriously cracking up! Even then I was working on gagging and training in a very subtle way….

      Hope you enjoyed my sick sense of humor!

      Best regards,

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      Basic | Dominant

      Sir that is both Gross and very funny

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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Oh the treasure chest of archives and memories on where we once were and where we are today…

      Thanks for sharing,

      Mr Fox

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