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     Mr. Cain/AMB 

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    V and I have been interested in rope for quite some time now. We have always played using bondage, but with cuffs, ties and other store bought items. If I am being honest, I find it somewhat intimidating. I know there are Doms here with experience in this and I am really looking forward to some input and advice. I have some questions:

    What is your favorite type of rope?
    What is your favorite size (width) of rope?
    Which did you find more helpful in learning, books or videos?
    What do you think are the basics of getting started?
    What are some mistakes you made that I can hopefully avoid?
    In terms of building confidence, what is your recommendation for the first tie to master?

    I am sure I left out some important questions, so please don’t hesitate to bring that to my attention.

    Mr. Cain

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    I’ll be watching this one as well. Me and Emerald have discussed it but I’ve been slacking in finding info and just getting to it.

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       Mr. Cain/AMB 

      Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™


      Please feel free to ask any questions you have.As I said I am sure I left some out.


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    Hi Mr. Cain
    I am a pure novice here but in my limited usage of rope here are my preferences…
    I like both Hemp (actually preferred) and 8mm climbing rope. The Hemp is pretty standard width and i think it is around 6-7mm. It is very scratchy and i have gotten some good ideas on here about rubbing it either around a tree or against a wood post to release some of the stinging fibers by softening them…it works well.
    I have found videos help me the most and you can search that and get some great ideas…Shibari is my key word used in google.
    I have started and mainly focused on hand and leg wraps for restraint…different kinds like binding the legs together with a long wrap as well as the arms or creating looped knots that i can use a hook or fastener to link them together or restrain to the bed.

    I would recommend the following as the very first thing you do…
    1. In many Shibari posts they will give you a diagram of where arteries and pressure points are on the body…be sensitive around these areas. Pressure point play can be fun with ropes from what i have heard but i have not personally done that just yet.
    2. Have a pair of medical scissors in a quickly accessible location, one that is obvious and free from any obstacles should you need to cut the rope – this should be your first purchase even before the rope…DO NOT USE A knife…in the heat of the moment and if the situation is urgent you may have too much adrenaline and cut your V or yourself…
    3. Practice…just sitting around watching TV or hanging out on the porch, couch, etc…i like to have my para sit on the couch while i practice knots and various degrees of pressure so when we are in scene i am not fumbling too much and also have an idea of her limits.

    I am super novice so hope that helps Sir. I know there are many very skilled rope artists on here – Mr. Fox, Mr. B, Lupo, etc. i have learned alot from them.
    Cant wait to hear about this next adventure Sir!!!
    All the best to you and your V Sir and Best Regards

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      Post well covered, I will just add a few details.

      1- Scissors, use the bent round tip ones they work best.
      2- Hemp vs climbing rope, hemp is less stretchy and has a different feeling on the skin, it does great pics after too. Visually very appealing. 5-7mm is best for flexibility. smaller diameter nicer work but cuts more the skin and bloodflow. Climbing rope is tricky, great for practice and as long as you stay “earth” it is fine. But beware of going “sky”, the stretch tends to disrupt the weight ratios and knots and it gets messy and harder to undo.
      3- Keep one big thing in mind, you do NOT need to undress your sub to practice, so train whereever with her comfy clothes on. A lot of practice and have fun.

      Cheers all!

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     Mr. K sir 

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    Mr. Cain,

    I have been working on my rope play as well, right now I use inexpensive cotton rope to practice with but as I get more comfortable and our enjoyment of rope play grows I will be picking up some jute. It has been recommended by some members so I will try that out. When you see “Sir” on line make sure to ask him about rope, he has helped me out tremendously and has always been very willing to share in his knowledge.

    Mr. K sir

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     Mr. B 

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    Mr. Cain,

    First, let me say that I hope that you and your V are doing well! I look forward to seeing you guys again real soon!

    Secondly, I am far from an expert or even seasoned when it comes to rope! I enjoy it and have dabbled with it but I can definitely offer my humble opinion, or I should say, my preferences.

    I prefer Jute and I believe that I use 6mm and approx 10m (32 ft), but I can not be positive on that…it has been a while since I bought some. I have learned best from video..I was also fortunate to have someone near by who could teach me in person…hands on works best for me…and like others have stated, practice makes perfect. You can even practice on your own leg when you are just chilling…or the arm of a chair…or anything that will not move..lol! As far as what to start with..like everything else we do..keep it simple and expand once you are comfortable with those ties. I was advised when I first started to practice about 30 minutes a night on each tie. I would recommend starting with Single Column Ties (1 limb tied to something) and Double Column Ties (2 limbs tied together before being tied to something).

    And again, like others have stated, always remember safety first. have a pair of medical shears near by.

    These are just my preferences and I am no expert…just a student that needs lots of practice.

    Hope this has helped! Good luck!

    Take Care!

    Mr. B

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     BigOne1960 | amb 

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    Hello Sirs,

    I am enjoying reading the comments and advise on rope work. When it comes to rope work it has been one area that has always caused me fits. It is quite evident that I am a city boy that was never a boy scout or had to really tie up anything of consequence. So over the next several months I will endeavor to learn at least the simple knots. Hopefully, that will spur on some bondage play.

    Thanks for sharing here it helps alot.

    BigOne (aka Darren)

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     Mr. Cain/AMB 

    Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

    I would like to thank everyone for the advice they have provided.Please feel free offer more or ask questions that may add to this topic.


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