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      Mr. M

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      If you’re looking for a good way to get started, using items that you already have (which means that they aren’t intimidating to either of you), then look no further than your closet.

      NeckTies are soft and supple, readily available, and I already knew how to use them – so it was one of my first toys. Wrap around her wrists and tie between them to ensure that she can’t slip free but it also won’t dig into her skin or self-tighten in case she pulls.

      This was the first thing on the first time we played. In only a few moments I was leading my Little Mymble around as I wanted.

      I researched a few knots so that I knew how to safely tie wrists together – but I wasn’t intimidated. Not daily, but I wear a tie often enough to know how to put one together. Little Mymble wasn’t intimidated either, since she is already comfortable with having ties around as well.

      Ultimately I am a knot guy and enjoy learning new bindings, checking out new cords and ropes, and seeing what is possible. However, a neck tie is always readily available at home, can travel inconspicuously, and serves as a reminder and shared secret whenever I do wear it. So my neckties will always be a favorite toy to use.

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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Mr M,

      I love the mention that the tie serves as a sexy reminder whenever you do wear it… Now that is hot!

      There are several regular items that we have used for similar situations. Just recently I had taken LK’s terry cloth robe off of her and used the belt to tie her hands behind her back…

      Kindest regards,

      Mr Fox

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      Mr. M

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      She doesn’t know it yet, but the next time we go out I’ll be wearing that tie and will point out how much fun we had while she was wearing it. Which, of course, will lead into how much fun we’ll be having again with it later that day. 😀

      Hmm… LM does wear her robe frequently. Using the belt from it would be a regular reminder of our fun.

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      My JR and I had a weekend getaway and I had to get creative one time. She wanted to be bound and spanked and i had NO toys with me. So i ACTUALLY bound her with my pajama pants!!! It was so hot because of the spontaneity of the entire scenario. When life hands you lemons, throw a double shot of vodka in there and shake.I don’t like mine stirred LOL. So don’t hesitate to get creative and think outside of the box. You will be surprised what you can accomplish by thinking on the fly.

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      I have used pillow cases in hotel rooms. I take the pillow case off the pillow. Told MLT to put her hands behind her back. I put her hands in the pillow case and slid it all the way up and rapped it around the front of her shoulders. I then put her laying on her backed as her own body weight seals the bondage. I then take the other pillow case and I just laid it over her face and I have my fun.

      Best regards,

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