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     Mr. K sir 

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    With the superbowl this weekend I got thinking, how can I make the game a little more fun since I don’t have a team in the game and I came up with ”
    D/s Bowl. Feel free to use whatever you like and modify it how you want.

    Write the teams on 2 pieces of paper and have your sub pick one, that’s her team and you have the other. now have your sub write out several rewards she enjoys and put them in a hat, you do the same and put them in a separate hat. Now every time a team scores whoever has that team picks a reward at random. The score determines how long the “loser” performs the reward, ie her team scores a touchdown and kicks the extra point she has 7 points so 7 minutes, she picks a reward from her hat and gets oral, you have to perform oral on her for 7 minutes(is there really a loser). Another example would be your team kicks a field goal, 3 points so 3 minutes, you pick your reward.

    Rewards can be anything you would like, its your reward so have her do things to you, you do things to her, whatever. Have fun and you both win.

    Mr. K sir

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     Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M 

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    Mr. K Sir

    This sounds like a great time. For myself, I will be away from my lk and won’t be able to play this year. For those that do play the game this year please post about it here. I would enjoy hearing about who won the game…

    Best wishes

    Mr. Fox

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     Mr. Dominus 

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    I like this idea mr.k i unfortunately will also be away from my sub this weekend. But im going to do the game anyway. Same rules and concept when my team score i will pick from my list. When she scores she will pick and when i get home the game will be on!

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     Mr. K sir 

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    Well what can I say, the big game didn’t really pan out to make the D/s Bowl very interesting. I will be using using this again to make other sporting events more interesting. And there is always next season.

    Mr. K sir

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