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    I brought up this idea in the chat as a way to get maintance in short time. Of course you would not use this for training that is more emotionally intensive, but is helpful regarding something that you want your submissive to become more accustomed to. Currently for the first quarter of the year I have been training my submissive in kneeling and straddling me while I sit in a chair. The kneeling is just to develop strength and endurance in the position and the straddling is to help her become more comfortable with the lap dance position. With 5 kids and a busy schedule I keep the time commitment to 5 minutes. Any longer and both of us get nervous and distracted with regards to what is happening with the kids on the other side of the door. Below are a couple examples from this week.

    Take 5 minutes to;
    1. Ask whose she is until she is free from mental distractions and in the moment. (1min)
    2. Have her straddle me with her clothes on. (4min)

    Take 5 minutes to;
    1. Ask her three times whose she is.
    2. Tell her to take off her top and lightly slide my finger tips on her skin.

    I keep record of all this in a journal and I have it planned ahead of time. I also plan a scene for days that we will have more time and incorporate the skills she has been learning but with a longer duration. Having all of this planned ahead of time helps me to be mentally relieved of figuring out what we are going to do that day. Instead, like my workouts, I just plan the whole week on Sunday and then I do not have to worry about it anymore. When we can take 5 minutes through the week I get the journal and open it to what I have planned for that day.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that this can be adjusted to any schedule. If you can fit in 10 minutes instead of five, then by all means take more time. Hopefully using the principles that I have used to create this practice you can adjust it to meet your dynamic’s needs.

    I hope this is helpful and I am interested to know any other questions you gentlemen have in regards to this practice.


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    What a great maintenance exercise to use with your submissive… Consistency is an important factor in maintaining the relationship.

    Your post has inspired me to take a more deliberate and daily approach to my maintenance.

    Best wishes,

    Mr. Fox

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      Thank you for your kind words Mr. Fox,

      I am happy that it will bring value to your dynamic as well. I look forward to hearing from you after a couple months to check in and see how things have been going and how you have made this practice yours.

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     Sir OTW | AMB 

    I am curious to try something like this and will be talking to minx about this at our next downtime.

    I need to make sure that it is something that would potentially feed her.

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      Yea, it has been an experiment as we were not sure if it would feed her, but she did know that she wanted me to be more deliberate in our time together each day. I have not had downtime with my submissive about this yet as that will be later today, but I can tell emotionally yesterday we were better and she was able to handle a scene that I thought would be more intense for her, but she handled it just fine, especially emotionally. Even though we have not talked about it it seems to be something that is feeding her, but it will be nice to confirm that assumption from her.

      I guess my point in responding is that sometimes you have to try things and see if they will feed er as our subs may not even know for sure.

      I see it as, is there a sub who would NOT want you to plan what the two of you will do to enhance your dynamic on a daily basis?


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    This is great, I am going to put a plan in place to do this. Thank you!

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      Your welcome SlySaint! I would encourage everyone to share some examples of things that they fit in the time they are able to allot.


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    I am brand new so I don’t know the language or where to start. Are there any videos or books for someone vanilla as myself?

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      For me, I have never read any books. The things we consider are developed throughout the community. I know I got my best start of being a Dom from the blog posts that Mr. Fox put up in the past. When my wife first introduced this dynamic to me and asked me to read through the posts I began to get an idea of what this relationship looks like for us and the kind of Dom she would want me to be. I still have very strong vanilla tendencies as I have a tendency to be a “yes man”. As many may have already said, just start with where you are strong and then introduce new things that you both need to work on together and you will come closer together as your dynamic grows deeper.

      Thank you for reading my post and I hope it will be a blessing.


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