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      Hi Doms,
      I am relatively new to the lifestyle and was wondering how you are managing it around your submissive’s hormonal changes throughout the month.
      My sub experiences a lot of mood swings which takes her out of the sub-space completely (can be as high as 2 weeks each month).

      Has anyone encountered something similar? Do you have any advice on how I can help her cope and reduce its effect?

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      As trite as this is going to sound, have her visit either her GP or GYN in order to get their help. It could be an underlying condition that causes her hormones to be so out of whack, it could be underlying depression, it could be hormones, and it could be a combination of the three working in concert to make her life miserable.

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      Sir Hermosa

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      Doctor could be one part of it.

      For my Little Peach the swings can also be extreme. There’s no easy fix. However your consistency, understanding, and calmness will win the day every time.

      I know with my Little Peach, If she’s being off the deep end, if I remain calm. Don’t step into any arguments. Keep things simple. Explain myself, never be afraid to apologize if you need to, and be able to stand firm without arguing or getting angry when you need to.

      No matter how uppity she gets, she is VULNERABLE during these times. She is sometimes being “controlled” by emotions that she doesn’t want/understand as they happen. Look after her by protecting her from yourself and herself.

      It takes time, practice, calmness, and wisdom.

      Go slow and own it.

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      Sir OTW | AMB

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      I will start with a disclaimer, my minx doesn’t have huge swings emotionally, however, we have identified that she will have struggle with the feelings of submission about a week before physical symptoms and then with energy levels and desire during her actual cycle. One thing we have started doing is tracking her cycle in an app that helps us both be aware of how soon she will start. If she is feeling resistant she will often check the app and go, oh I am set to start in about a week, that why.

      So I have learned to be calm and consistent about a week out, not letting her out of her commitments and rules. We have been able to grow to a point where either of us can calmly remind the other of her altered emotional state and either provide more grace (me) or chose to submit when it isn’t easy (her)

      One thing we have started doing is giving her a therapeutic spanking on the hardest day of her cycle in lieu of sexual play that day. It helps her to relax and get the sleep her body needs. It is not an intense spanking but more about rhythm and helping her relax.

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