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      I let Sweet Girl know late Friday that I had a scene planned for the evening.

      Upon entering the playroom, she found an array of Toys on the massage table, and I gave her the following Instructions:
      She was to demonstrate the use of each toy, describing in detail the sensations, etc of each
      She could ask for my assistance, with my right of refusal.
      She couldn’t initiate contact with me.
      She couldn’t cum without permission.

      So, Sweet Girl proceeded through all of the toys and implements, including the nipple clamps, restraints, and paddles. Until she had used them all, and worked herself into a lather. I then directed her to go to the kitchen to retrieve the bamboo spatula, which is my choice instrument for punishing Sweet Girl.

      She left without a word, and returned with the spatula in hand, knelt and presented it to me. I let her know that she had done an admirable job with the toys laid out, but had forgotten 3 parts of me for pleasuring her.

      During our downtime, we discussed the scene, and how the toys in our playroom made her feel, and the possibility of adding more in the future. She indicated that she wanted a different flogger, and a paddle with a little more sting to it. Also, by letting her direct the use of toys, it helped her come close to orgasm, and maintain the plateau without cumming, so it’s instructive for me into what works, and how…


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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Learning Late,

      That sounds like a wonderful and quite successful scene. It is amazing what we can learn about our submisisves and ourselves when we think outside the box.

      Your willingness to share this intimate experience will benefit many.

      Best wishes,

      Mr Fox

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      Learning late,

      Very nice job!

      Best regards,

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      explorer 3000

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      Nice and hot share!

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      Basic | Dominant

      Great idea!

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