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      Here is a very quick and easy way to make your own BDSM rope bage.

      “Rope is a wonderful bondage tool. No other BDSM toy offers such versatility!

      Materials: 108′ of 6mm cotton clothesline
      Hockey tape
      lingerie bag

      A flame of some kind

      Time: About two hours
      Cost: under $45

      Good “general purpose” bondage rope is soft and flexible, with a slight outer roughness to help hold knots. A 6mm thickness seems to work best. Such rope is widely available and inexpensive – look for 100% cotton clothesline in hardware stores. This rope is not recommended for full suspension bondage. When using rope always make sure to have a pair of safety scissors on hand in case you need to get your sub out fast.

      You can make a good “starter kit” of bondage ropes from a 108′ rope. I cut the rope into nine twelve foot lengths. I then cut two twelve foot lengths in half to get four six foot lengths. I then take a flame to each the end of the ropes to singe off the frayed ends. Then I take colored hockey tape and neatly wrap my ends. A good way to tell the different lengths apart is to use a different color of hockey tape for each different length. For example, you might use blue hockey tape on 6′ lengths and red hockey tape on 12′ lengths. Because most bondage knots start at a rope’s midpoint. I also will wrap hockey tape at the mid point of my rope. This way I am not fiddling around in the dark. All I have to do is run the rope threw my hands to feel for my mid point in my rope. Once all my rope is made I will store it in a lingerie bag. This keeps all my rope neat and easily accessible.

      Have fun and play safe!

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      Mr Stone

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      Nice post. I would just like to add a couple thoughts.

      -It a good idea to also tie an overhand knot in the ends of your rope. It helps with fraying and makes it easier when you want/need to join a rope together.

      -A few ropes between 8-10m (roughly double the size you mentioned) are also useful once you get a little more comfortable with the ties and knots.

      -If you are looking for something with a more Japanese look or feel and don’t want to drop a bunch of money on good jute, you can make your own from the cheep ‘hemp’ or natural fiber rope from a hardware store. Again this is STARTER rope and not for suspension. Get the total length you require and tie and overhand knot in the ends. You can either cut it the individual lengths now or once you are finished. Now fill a big pot with enough water to leave room for the rope, then bring to a boil, insert the rope into the pot and let it boil for 5-10 mins. Remove the rope from the pot and let it dry completely before going on to the next step. I hang it somewhere outside and string it moderately tight for drying. Once dry, you need to burn off the all the fringes (small fibers along the entire length of rope). To do this you can either use a gas range or a camping stove. A hand torch will also work, but might require two people (one to hold the rope and one for the torch). To do this run it evenly while twisting back and forth eover the flame until all the small fibers are burned off. Once complete it should be fairly smooth. Now you need to oil the rope. Traditional Japanese style would be to use a horse oil, but you can also use Tsubaki oil (used for hair and nails) or another similar oil. But a moderate amount onto a cloth or a cotton cut glove and rub it into the rope. The finished product should be soft, with a slightly rougher feel to it. This process is called finishing the rope and sometimes needs to be done with other natural fiber rope depending on what the supplier does. Oil the rope anytime it is starting to feel dry and overly scratchy. The more you use the rope the smoother and softer it will become.

      Best Regards,
      Mr. Stone

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      Basic | Dominant

      Great posts! A follow up question would be how to tie basic bondage knots such as the single column, double column, chest harness and wand harness.

      I was able to find the single column and double column examples on YouTube; however, medium complexity chest harness and wand harness were difficult to find.

      Any ideas on where to find this information would be beneficial for myself and newDOMs to follow?

      The Hunter

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