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      Hi all, my sweets has a nice set of breast. What is the best diameter of rope and length for binding them

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      Mr. B

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      Good day,

      First, let me say that I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy rope!

      I do not know if it is the right size or not but I prefer to use 6mm because I simply like the flexibility of the rope. I do think, in my opinion, that most people use 6mm.

      As far as the length goes….I use 8m (approx 26′)lengths but that is probably something that you might to play around with to see what length you prefer.

      Just remember that the longer the rope and the thicker the rope, the heavier it is to use.

      Hope this has helped!

      Take Care!

      Mr. B

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      I would agree with Mr. B that 6mm is the way to go. The length really depends on how many wraps you would like and the size of your submissive and what type of breast bondage you are wanting to perform.

      Are you wanting to make a shibari chest harness that can bind and accent the breasts? If so then you may want a couple 8-10 meter lengths. A google search for “shibari chest harness” would help with this for different tying methods. If you are wanting to actually wrap the breasts then a couple 5 meter ropes should do the trick or a single 10 meter if you wrap with the same rope. Google “cupcake breast tie” and you should find some tutorials. Be a bit careful here not to constrict them too much for too long since you can cut off blood flow.

      It is also possible to do some bondage with the nipples which require a much smaller size.

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