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      Need a recommendation on a brand. Have seen MANY MANY different ones, but they all seem to have mixed reviews on how loud to how comfortable. And you never know when those ‘customer reviews’ are plants/fakes. Thoughts? brands? websites?

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      Mr Miracle

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      This is what i bought my partner , proper looking well built pants with a pocket for the vibe – the vibration could be felt at the back of her bottom.
      She said they would be best used while on the move to get best results , a little noisy but not over loud.

      PS, you can always make her do the housework in them and see how long she last before the big O!

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      Mr Stone

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      I recently purchased a ‘We Vibe 4.’ It is a couple’s vibe, but can also be inserted and left with some panties. It has a remote and a good bit of power for a cordless.

      Best Regards,
      Mr Stone

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      We use a Lelo Lyla 2. It’s bullet shaped, but fairly large to fit in the little pocket of most panties. The puck controller is wonderful, gives you great feedback and control.

      In our home, it’s mainly inserted, but in some cases, we use the panty pocket.

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      lovense we love this one. It is shaped perfectly for the G spot, and can be controlled over long distances via a smart phone

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      We had an older version of the We-Vibe (2?) and I really hated the lack of range – I had to had the remote right next to her groin to get it to react. Note: NPR reported about class-action suit against We-Vibe for collection usage data, especially with their app.

      Last year, I bought a RadioToy (German company), which has much better range and lets me connect two sets of electrodes. I can reward and punish at a distance.

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      We got the Lovense lush to take on a cruise with us. I was very impressed. I never lost Bluetooth connection or had a problem with it.

      It also has a setting that is responsive to music. We had to adjust the sensitivity due to the music being too loud and it was just constantly on lol.

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      Mr. Dark

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      That RadioToy you mentioned here sounds quite interesting. But I have tried to find it but I can not. Would you be able to tell me a bit more about it?


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