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    I have just recently joined this community, after it was originally spotted by my spouse (who has signed up for the sister site to this one). We are in the midst of trying to re-kinking up our relationship after slightly less than 8 years of marriage.

    We started out intending to have a kink relationship, not a full 24/7 but something in between, but due to a few factors, mostly due to me failing to lead and provide dominance. I’ll own up to that.

    However, now we are on the path of re-establishing kink in our life, and here is the part where I would be delighted to have the input of the community. We realize that this is a marathon and not a sprint, and are in this for the long haul.

    Questions and comments are welcome and appreciated. (this is the second time I attempt to write up this post, after the previous draft disappeared in a crash. As such it is a little bit briefer than the original draft).


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     Sir Hermosa 

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    Cruniac welcome.

    Firstly I’m very glad you found the site, and hope the resources here can be as applicable for you and your relationship as they have been for me and my Little Peach.

    I’m almost always on the chat, and though I’m fairly new to the D/s aspect of our dynamic, and am enjoying watching it grow daily, we have a fair bit f experience with the link end of things. Though everything is different for each couple, I think you’ll find some awesome input if you engage in chat as well as the forums here.

    Good luck, and looking forward to seeing you online!

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     Mr. K sir 

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    Welcome to husDom. Are you looking to have a D/s relationship or strictly kink? In D/s the kink is a byproduct of the relationship, it’s not the main focus. Either way husDom will be a great resource for you, as most members have vast experience in the kink side, and practice a unique form of D/s as we focus on monogamous relationships with our subs.

    The more you participate the more you will get out of your membership. Again welcome.

    Mr. K sir

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      I should clarify that we are aiming for a D/s relationship, not just one with some kinky undertones. That aspect has remained elusive.

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     Sir OTW | AMB 

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    I would echo Mr. K’s comment. There a lot of different dynamics here and as such good resources for you to build your unique dynamic on. My minx and have a D/s marriage that results in fun “kink” in the bedroom but most of our dynamic is lived outside the bedroom and we are still exploring what we like in the bedroom.

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     Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M 

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    Welcome aboard,

    An entire world sits before that you most likely have never even considered.

    Having your wife on board with you from the onset is a crucial detail. One can not begin this journey alone. It is a journey taken together as a couple. Also, having both of you online and active in your respective community will allow your growth to evolve naturally and more quickly.

    It is no secret at all that lk and I began our journey in the bedroom and had no idea what our relationship would evolve into…

    Best wishes,

    Mr. Fox

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