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      Hello Gentlemen,

      Things have been great or me. Just wanted to share with anyone who has followed some of my past questions. We are doing great in our dynamic.

      My brain is stuck and I am looking for some suggestions. I am a DJ and work out of town every now and then and this coming weekend is one of those times. The client has provided me a hotel room for the night while I work. I am bringing the wife with me on this trip. She has been given instructions for the minute we leave the driveway until the minute we arrive back home.

      However, she will be with me while I am working a corporate event (playing the music) and I want her to submit while we are in the public eye. However, I need to maintain a professional presence to the people in attendance. BUT… i also want the opportunity for her to be forced to obey and be stimulatd during this time.

      I thought about having her wear her collar and lock, maybe some kind of remote vibrator or something else that will be a turn on and only WE know about it.

      Any thoughts on what i an do to her that is a bit more intense yet discreet. Once we are in the room she knows what to do but I want to get her all revved up during the gig.

      Thank you!!

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      Mr. K sir

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      I like the idea of a remote vibe, I would just check and make sure it’s not to loud before hand, could cause some interesting questions. Another suggestion would be a rope chest harness. They are easy to tie and a quick google search will give you many variations of your not already doing rope bondage. The feel of the rope on her skin will be a constant reminder all night. You would just have to make sure her outfit would conceal the rope so it would be your secret.

      Best of luck with the event.

      Mr. K sir

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      Bee Keeper

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      Agreed on remote vibe. I have used this several times on my honey bee while in public. The rope harness is another great idea or no underwear at all if that 8snt something you already do. You can always have here touch heraelf in the bathroom several tomes throughout the night.

      Best of luck with the evening. I am sure you will both enjoy it.

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      Basic | Dominant

      Domintci – Out of curiosity, can you remember how the evening went & what solution you came up with?

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