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      Hey guys,

      New Dom here and for the most part everything has been going well minus a few hiccups over the first few months. However, I’m having an issue I’m wondering if anyone has some advice for. After finishing/cumming, even after a blowjob or a quickie, it takes several hours if not a day for me to recharge and get horny again. Seeing several people post about having sex several times throughout the day, sometimes consecutively within just a few minutes, and for us it’s an accomplishment if we do twice in one day. My wife isn’t the issue as she would be willing to multiple times a day if I desired, but after I cum it’s as if my desire goes to zero and takes hours or a full day to want anything again. I’d like to train myself out of this behavior…any tips?

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      Mr.Daw/ AMB

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      Hello Sir,

      First and foremost welcome to the community. I am no expert in the subject but I do know that post orgasm men experience a “refractory period” where it is difficult or even impossible to gain an erection and or have a second orgasm. This period can range from a few minutes to 24 hours depending on the indiviual. In males, the peripheral nervous system is closely tied to the Male orgasm meaning that post orgasm your body is flooded with hormones that tell your body to relax and diminish its ability to be stimulated sexually again. Lots of factors can attribute to the length of this period. Health, activity level, age, diet, stress level, testosterone levels, alcohol consumption and fatigue are just a few of the possible explanations. There are natural supplements you can take that can help but these are often not fda regulated and should be approached with caution and research, increasing your overall fitness level by exercising just 20 or 30 minutes a day can also help shorten the refractory period. The better shape you are in the better your body regulates hormones. Increasing your arousal stimuli can also help you get ready for round 2, playing with your partner, talking dirty, role playing, etc can help.
      I dont know if any of these will help or if it’s the info your looking for. Remember it’s perfectly normal to have a refractory period lasting several hours, a whole day, or in some cases longer.

      Best wishes,

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      Sir Hermosa

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      Completely agree Mr Daw.

      The refractory period is completely normal for all men. It’s length may differ, but we all have it.

      2 points MrDaw mentioned are the biggest ones in my opinion, and one more he didn’t mention.

      Fatigue, stamina.

      Exercise regularly. Increase your overall stamina/fitness level, and your body will naturally be able to regenerate after sex faster, and allow you to regulate your hormones better and reduce that refractory period.

      Fatigue is the biggest one. This can take a natural stud and leave him wet-noodle even during the most sexy of stimuli. Make sure you’re eating right and getting the good “quality” sleep your body needs.

      Lastly, save it all for your sub. Don’t masturbate. The less ejaculate (and sex hormones your body produces with ejaculate) the less able you are to perform later. Keep all the ammo in the pistol until you really want to empty the clip!

      Cheers and good luck

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      Sir OTW | AMB

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      Welcome to husDOM WildCat,

      Like the others have said, this will vary greatly for each individual. One thing that greater focus on our intimacy and pleasing each other as a result of D/s-M has helped me with is control of when I climax so that I can give her the multiple encounters, positions, etc that she desires without the refractory period. I am have a very high drive, so I don’t see the desire dip, but learning control helped me a lot in being able to do what I want in a scene. For me, learning the control meant intentionally working on getting close to the point of no return then stopping and doing something else, then going back up and repeating. There were times that I didn’t time it right and lost it but over time things improved and I have an increasingly pleased minx as I keep working on it.

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      I want to add a few things to what the others have said.

      The chemical is called prolactin. It’s released by the pituitary during orgasm.

      There are a couple of medical conditions that can cause high prolactin.

      The first is high estrogen specifically E2 (estradiol). This can be natural, it can be caused by other chemicals you have been exposed to (military burn pit exposure for me), or by high levels of abdominal fat.

      The primary method that testosterone is converted to estrogen is by fat around the abs. The more lean you are the lower the conversion. That’s why fitness and being lean can reduce the recovery time.

      The more ab fat you carry, the higher your conversion to estrogen and the higher your prolactin levels will tend to be.

      The other cause of excessive high prolactin is a tumor on your pituitary.
      The good news, it happens a lot, most of the time it is not cancerous, and the cure is a little pill called cabergoline taken twice a week for about six months.

      Onto the important stuff. You need some blood work to see where you are at. Specific a prolactin test, sensitive estradiol test, and a basic hormone panel.

      I do my own labs through The Female hormone panel is 75, (it’s cheaper and covers everything you need) prolactin is about 65 and sensitive estradiol is another 65.

      If you go that route, you can post the results here and I can explain what is going on.

      If you want to go through your doctor, make sure he orders the specific test I told you about.

      And…. This is a big one. Just because you are in range, does not mean your levels are good.

      My original urologist and my pcm are both morons when it comes to estrogen and testosterone levels. I was BOTTOM of the range for testosterone. I’m talking 90 year old man levels, with no morning wood or sex drive. Since I was in range, my PCM refused to write me a prescription for test.

      My urologist was just as bad. At 50 mg of testosterone every 3.5 days (total test at 600, mid range) my estradiol shot up into the 40s. Top of the range with the test he ordered. I went from feeling amazing to being a giant emotional vagina. He refused to write me a prescription for an estrogen blocker. He did not believe that 100 mg a week would cause enough estrogen conversion to affect me that strongly. So I had three options. Cut my dose so much I was back at the bottom of the range for free and total test, find a doctor who would listen, or start doing my own labs and figure it out myself.

      I chose two and three, and I’m thankful that I did.

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      Premium Content | Through the Eyes of a husDOM™

      Thanks to all for all the informations that’s incredibly helpful. I want to try to reduce this period as much as possible. Plus, it’s always good to get more motivation for better fitness haha. Thanks again.

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