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      Mr. K sir

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      Since starting this journey I have not been able to look at everyday items the same way, I now find myself looking for anyway I can use them in a kinky way. This brings me to PERVERTABLES, if you don’t know what a pervertable is, it’s simply just that, an everyday item that has a kinky use. While shopping I will constantly point something out to my Dea and tell her how fun it would be to use it on her.  For the most part she can see the intended objects use as easily as I can, but there is the rare item she just can’t see how I would use it in a way that would be enjoyable.  Over the past year and a half I have acquired a nice supply of adult toys but some of my favorites are still the pervertables I have acquired.


      Clothespins make a nice nipple clamp in a pinch(pun intended), but can also be used on other body parts think thighs, sides of the breasts or abdomen, really anywhere.  They also have the added benefit of being able to make a clothespin zipper.  For this I drilled a small hope in the end of several clothespins and ran a string through each one tying a knot on each side of the hope,  this keeps the string of clothespins from sliding down the string.  once the zipper is in place on your sub you can pull the string to pull the clothespins off one at a time as fast as you would like.


      Want a nice little paddle, grab a spatula and there you go. I have 2 small spatulas that are great for impact play on the breasts. Different size heads make for different sensations and different materials will give much different impact.


      Aside from tying up your sub, rope can be made into many different things. I have made a few different floggers out of different types and diameters of rope, each one feels different and handles different.

      Dollar Store Items

      Just about anything at the Dollar Store can be used and for only a dollar it doesn’t matter if it lasts more than one use, if you like it just pick up another. My favorite item from the Dollar Store is an acrylic candy cane I bought at Christmas. I like it so much I bought four so I will have a back up when one breaks.


      Rulers are made in so many different lengths and materials you can stock up on several for different sensations.  Thin rulers will give a nice sting where a thicker one will be more thuddy.

      Pearl Necklace

      By far my favorite pervertable,  there are so many things you can do with a Pearl Necklace your only limit is your imagination.

      This is a very short list of some of the many Pervertables I have, but some of my favorites.  

      Please share some of your favorite Pervertables.

      Mr. K sir

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      Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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      Mr K Sir,

      This is a great post. I believe that many Dominants enjoy using pervertables in their dynamic. Especially when they first begin their journey and just like you, begin to see everything around them differently. As if the items around us really had another purpose all along and have been disguised as things such as kitchen utensils.

      The pearl necklace has been my best perveratble for sure. Love it!

      Another pervertable that I have used was small glass suction cups. We gave these away as gifts at one of our previous retreats. I purchased them at northern tool for a reasonable amount of money, very inexpensive. We were all staying at hotels in Vegas and I used the suction cups on the large glass window in our hotel room. The suction cups were made for glass and had a suction release lever.

      I placed the suction cups beyond lk’s limbs and then secured her arms and legs to the suction cups. Of course lk could have torn them from the glass but she didn’t. It was more for the mindset of having her standing in the window with her arms and legs bout to her sides while I had my way with her. I would say that she loved it!

      Best wishes

      Mr Fox

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      Mr. K sir

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      Mr Fox,

      I love the suction cup idea, perfect makeshift anchor points that are not permanent. I might have to see what I can find that would work on walls. Thank you for the wonderful idea.

      Mr. K sir

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      Basic | Dominant


      Two of our favourite pervertables are the very cheap latex basting brushes and bottle brushes that we can buy from our local K-Mart. They provide an excellent range of sensations from soft to hard, and the bottle brush in particular has a long, flexible neck that enables me to apply it to some very interesting places. I’ve attached a photo of the bottle brush: I’m sure you’ll be able to imagine applications quite easily.


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