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      First of all, like all instruments they’re several different ways to play with the knife. So this is my version which works for my sub, star most of the time… I pay close attention to what works on a particular play night.

      The start of a night for us always begins with personal hygiene.( A shower or bath, I have found the best is done if separate. Allow for plenty of time😉.)

      I begin with my star kneeling in my room of choice. (I try and match my mood/play with music playing soft, or hard.) If the kneeling is positioned correctly as my choosing I then apply her play collar. I typically tie her all fours to our bed, on her back, naked. Then a blind fold is applied. With star and knife play a blind fold is a must. She must use her senses and be shocked by my movements/touches. I believe the blind fold is a key in knife play. I want her to hear the knife blade being flipped open or sliding out of the sheath. I like to use a knife with a very sharp edge, and a blunt backside. When starting, I used this knife where I was able to use backside of the knife on very sensitive areas where I was afraid of cutting. I typically start with hand tounches then very light knife touches dragging the tip at the wrist, working down the body all the way to the toes. Then I start on the opposite side. You will notice the sensitve spots immediately (wrists, neck, breast, thighs, feet, especially the bottoms of the feet.). I then increase the intensity as long as she is reponding (wettness, squirming. Feel free to check.) I also include hand stimuation at random times throughout. I then enjoy increasing knife pressure. star and myself love marks that are left from our play. Concentrate on the sensitive areas such as the breasts, vaginal area (very light depending on sub). The face and neck really gets star going. I would suggest in those ares use the backside of the knife to get a feel for it. She may never know when blind folded. Typically by the time I’m pressing hard enough for marks, star is begging to come. She is only allowed to come by my command so its my choice. It only takes a few orgasms with knife play to get star flying. She enjoys pain and i enjoy giving it.

      As with any play it is important to pick up on the sentive areas and when your warmed up, concentrate on those areas. I enjoy spending time on those areas and just before she has to release, stoping and letting her relax a bit, but staying in touch with your hands maybe. As I have learned with star the greater the denial the greater the orgasm.

      A few things to remember as I talk with star about her experience with our knife play.

      She enjoys the change in my demeanor. With knife play it is serious and supposed to be intense. She would call it a severe act of dominance or the fear, which I truly enjoy seeing in her. It gets her juices flowing in all ways.

      Knife play isn’t for everyone but I enjoy giving intense and actually painful play. Star enjoys receiving it full heartedly. If your interested in knife play, adjust it to your liking; just be careful when starting.

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