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      I’ve brought this up a few times in chat, but wanted to post it here so it’s all in one place.

      As we’ve passed… our early 20’s… 🙂 kneeling on the floor has been a bit of a challenge for my kattunge. She tried using a step stool she had in her closet, but found it uncomfortable, so I did some thinking, and came up with a design that is intended to be far more comfortable. I have a woodworking shop, so was able to make use of some scrap cherry I had on hand, which turned this from a simple stool into a bit more of an art piece, but it could be done with just about any wood.

      the base is slanted such that her ass is higher up, and I tapered the front in a bit of a “saddle” pattern to give her the ability to kneel more comfortably without having her legs splayed out. My design challenge turned out to be that because of the slanting, which made it more comfortable, it turned out that it was a bit too short. I could have made it taller to begin with, but that left me with a finished piece that wasn’t functional. To overcome that, I added a base piece with cleats so that it wouldn’t slide around, and then added furniture leveling feet to get it up a total of another 1.5″ for her.

      I don’t generally use screws and nails for aesthetic purposes, so used a rabbit joint and glue for the base, and 1/4″ dowels to attach the top to the base, plus dowels to make the top to join two boards together to make it wide enough. I also rounded the top edge with a 1/2″ rounded router bit.

      Pictures include the unfinished work in stages so you can see what I did for the joints, and then a few of the finished piece. Because it is explicitly used for her D/s based kneeling… I also added some decorations on the side of the base. Because I could. 🙂 . There was much amusement “sanding my penises”

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      This looks great! Awesome craftsmanship.


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      Kitten and I were actually talking about kneeling practice today, based on something that she read on subMRS. We are also … Past our early 20s, as the case has it. I will be showing this to her.

      As a side note, there are a number of professionally crafted meditation “benches” available online that have a similar purpose, to take the brunt of bodyweight off of the knees and shins.

      Your bench is beautiful, but beyond my skills. However, with this idea, I may be able to offer her some alternatives to consider

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