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      A message came up on chat yesterday on where to find high quality leather cuffs and collars. Since the Terms of Service do not allow any of us to list actual names of companies or website URL’s, I made a suggestion that was made for me two years ago.

      In your search terms, include the words “rolled edge”. From my limited experience, that separates the cheaper stuff from the higher quality. A rolled leather edge is much more user friendly to the person wearing them.

      Have fun.

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      Sidecut’s Sir

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      About once a month or so I take Sidecut to local adult stores and browse. Sometimes they have the real deal and sometimes not some much. Some leather shops that do horse saddles or gun holtsers will do custom work or sometimes carry unique stuff. My experience. Sidecut likes to try before buy. Which I like watching in the store. It’s fun!!

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      Basic | Dominant

      I bought some padded leather cuffs (wrist and ankle), collar, chain leash, and included locks/keys as they are locking cuffs. They shipped from Thailand, so they took forever, but they were built fantastically. I’ve found that Etsy (I can mention that because it is very non-specific like ebay or amazon, right?) is a great place to find really quality items. Found some great suede floggers there as well (she likes thuddy). I attached what the set I got her looks like. She was absolutely giddy when they finally came, and so did she. Couple times that night actually. 😉

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        Mr. Fox | Founder D/s-M

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        Your cuff and collar set look fantastic.

        Mr Fox

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          Basic | Dominant

          They are. They come in 3-4 different levels of padding as well, which is great since sub preferences differ so. 🙂

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      Basic | Dominant

      I was about to list some links to sites offering attractive jewelery themed for power exchanges, but then noticed commentary at the top of the page regarding not allowing URL’s or other references to products. So, I deleted my text.

      Nothing to see here.

      _ D_H

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