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      I have been asked many times on this site how I started my D/s relationship with my submissive. Before we were DS we were into kink and we’re doubling in BDSM.

      One way I opened her up was to leave sexy Notes all-around or little tasks for her. She has always enjoyed giving a good BJ but I wanted to make it different for the two of us. This was one of the first times that we did sensory deprivation as I could not see what she was doing. She could also not see me at all so all her inhibitions were taken away. By doing this she would experiment and do things that she would normally not do if I was watching.

      For this particular scene I simply took a doorknob out of the door in my bedroom. It was easy for me as I have French doors and I don’t have a door jamb on the right hand side. Then I stood on phone books.

      I left a letter for her to read:

      Congratulations you have found a Cock Knob!!!
      It looks like the sex goddesses have rewarded you again. It is very rare for the goddesses to be sharing the sweet nectar. They must like your cock handling skills and want to learn some new tricks to get the creamy milk.
      In order to get through this door, you have to make that cock a little sore.
      Because behind the door is your bed, to get through you’ll have to give some head. So to undo this lock, you must get on your knees and drain this cock.
      Like any other knob, it needs to be twisted, pulled and polished.
      So make yourself comfortable and look to the right, and prepare to gobble a knob with all your might!

      For this next one I simply wrapped my pillow in saran wrap cut a hole and put the dildo through it. This next one also got her comfortable masturbating and playing with our toys.

      Congratulations you found a dildo on a pillow
      To find a dick in a hole and a dildo on pillow is indeed a very rare find and you are a very very very lucky little girl!
      I dildo on a pillow is just for you. You can do what you want, no one’s going to watch you. A dildo on a pillow also comes with other toys as well look around see what you can find, you can use the special items to pleasure yourself or even on the dick in a hole. Remember a dick in a hole and a dildo on a pillow are very very rare finds, most people never encounter one of these items but you have both at the same time.

      I have many many more and will post them over time. These are fun little scenes that can kick off a BDSM relationship and get your sub or yourself experimenting with themselves and with one another!


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      Lol very interesting. I may use the cock knob one

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      Dear sir,
      Thank you for the idea with the phone book. Came home Saturday, saw a brand new telephone book on the front porch. Told my inlaws now there’s something obsolete. Than just this morning I read your gloryhole insert. Chuckled and told my wife I now have a use for the phone book. Lol

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