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      Basic | Dominant

      Hi everyone, I am looking to purchase a flogger. What are some things to look for. I don’t want to break skin, I am looking to just pink some areas for now. My sweets has really open to this, so I want to bring her along slowly, but be able to push her. Thanks in advance

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      Sir Tomcat

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      I’m very sure that others will weigh in, but here’s my $0.02 worth.

      Generally speaking, you get what you pay for… to a point. There are inexpensive floggers ($20 range), and very very expensive ones ($400 range). When you get into the higher ranges, you’re usually looking at exotic animal skins and that type of thing, which makes little real difference. I would say that floggers generally come in 3 categories:

      1. “Slappy” or “stingy”… these are going to be the ones where the “falls” (the part that actually hits the skin) are thin a and made of a stiffer material. There are usually also fewer of them.

      2. “Thuddy”… these will have softer falls. There are often far more falls also… these CAN a good place to start from an experience perspective, but the more falls you have, especially if you get animal skin such as suede, the more you’re going to pay, so it’s a good aspiration, but if you’ve never used one, don’t break the bank on your first one.

      3. braided leather (or faux leather) and may have things, such as bells, woven into the falls. These are intended to hurt quite a bit more than the above two.

      I also know that many here have made their own out of paracord. I haven’t done so, but those also work great! I started with an inexpensive one from a local adult toy store… I think I spent $20 on it, but wanted to see if my submissive would enjoy it. She LOVED it…. so I bought a good one made from suede. It’s still considered a “light” flogger because it’s got fewer falls, but it’s a lot more thuddy. My next one will be a heavy flogger, and will be far more “thuddy”. The really cheap ones are vinyl falls. These will by nature be more slappy, but aren’t a bad place to start as long as you know what to expect.

      Regardless of what you buy…. practice. a LOT. on a pillow or the back of a couch. Be certain you can aim and hit the exact spot you intend to. You don’t have to hit hard to get the effect you’re looking for, so you’re not going to be Indiana Jones…. I found some good instructional videos online to get a sense of what techniques are possible before I even picked it up to practice. Also… avoid her kidneys. you can cause very real and very permanent damage with a mis-placed blow if it’s too hard…. which is one more reason to be sure you feel comfortable with your aim.

      Then…. have fun! It’s one of my favorite toys to use!

      ~Sir Tomcat

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      Sir Hermosa | AMB

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      Good job TC. Nice little write up!

      I’m a big fan of suede. I have a really nice one with a ton of falls. In deer suede. It’s amazing, thuddy, and can be quite a handful if you haven’t practiced with it.

      The falls “feel” soft if you rub them through your fingers, or on your skin, but they can leave quite a welt if you want.

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      The Director

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      Yes nice write up and great explanations. I think my 3′ woven leather one is my preference.

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      Mr. K sir

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      Sir Tomcat gives great descriptions in his post, like he said PRACTICE! Once you think you have it down pat, practice some more. Remember the categories “stingy” and “thuddy” are based on thickness and material of the falls, it all comes down to how you use it on what type and amount of pain is given. Be sure to check in with her often while starting out and adjust your technique as needed.

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